Inspired randomness (and it's not what you think)

Probably the most surprising thing about the past few days is, I find myself daydreaming too much I'm writing down stuff I wouldn't find myself saying. But still, I did.

So yes, Ariane, we're too bored to do decent stuff.

Yesterday all I did probably was text Clarence. And I mean text Clarence all day and all night. Since she's still on unlimited text mode I somehow feel comfortable just disturbing her in the middle of the day. In fact, we've been talking for three days now (and still counting). We've talked about too many things, from blog layouts (I couldn't start on mine) to philosophical questions (go figure, please) to mosquitos ("Malamok ba diyan? Dito sa'min oo, sa labas") to carabaos ("Sa Pulilan, sa maraming kalabaw"). I slept at midnight again, and woke up at three in the morning again with the same wheezing I've had the past days. I slept in the sofa after that. And, yes, i woke up at ten in the morning, feeling sick.

Nothing is happening, I know. I don't know what to write even. So I'll end up going extremely random again.

One photo I liked today is that of Jaja in the province (have you seen it in her blog? Scroll way down), for some extraordinary reason. I bet you've been enjoying your vacation; as for me, I'm stuck thinking of blog layouts and sicknesses. (Like what Les said, taking the cue from Rene Descartes, weirdly: I think, therefore I am. I think I'm sick, therefore I am sick. However, I'm battling against it, thankfully.)

And, finally, I'll be uploading a few photos from course card distribution day, although you guys still have to wait for next year to see them in Fifth Year Holler.

This, my dear readers, is the story of the ill-fated chocolate oatmeal bars I was supposed to give to Jackie for Christmas.

This is Jackie's oatmeal bars before the others decided to eat it.

Okay, so they've begun...

...and they've continued...

...until there was only one left. I wonder whether Jackie will ever get that last piece of oatmeal?

I also gave Huey some, and some 'battle' ensued.

Huey got it all in the end, however. I wonder what his mom thinks now.

I obviously haven't got anything to do. (Silently freaking out, weirdly.)

And then, I miss my blockmates, so I wonder if the next term is worth looking forward for.

Twelve people stuck in an elevator. One guy's got to take the photo (and that's me), and some have to get cut to squeeze everybody in (Lau, Cuyeg, John and, somehow, Jill.

Okay, Niko, you're just too bored. But since you still have around a week to work with the vacation, you better get yourself busy, so that the daydreams stop haunting you. If only radio stations in Manila played my kind of music...

And your responses...

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