Is this blogger's fatigue?

Funny thing is, I found myself pulling out a photo off the blog. If you get me, then you get me really well. Again, sorry for not immediately realizing that this blog isn't just open to my blockmates. (Don't worry - this time I'm taking it happily. Oh, and thanks for reading!)

What else? Nothing much, but photos all the same.

Les, Jill, Sara and Lau advertising candy that Derek gave away? Think about it. Image hosted by Photobucket

Jaja attempts to sing the national anthem in an all-too-politically-motivated debate, since she is looking much like a politician. Image hosted by Photobucket

Clarence hugs Sudoy. Sudoy pretends to not like it. They both crumble down in laughter. Image hosted by Photobucket

One of my so-called dream locations, with Ariane, Marcia, Jana and Clarence obliging. Image hosted by Photobucket

In a photo that weirdly reminds me of Desparate Housewives, it's Lau, Jaja, Jackie and Sara. Image hosted by Photobucket

Sir Delupio reads his poem, which he wrote in his senior high school years, despite trauma of a literary editor criticizing it. Upon realizing he's close to celebrity, he covers his face, and pretends it's a prayover. (Which is okay, since the poem's about religion.) Image hosted by Photobucket

Still, my favorite photo from the last two days:

Les, Jill, Malia and Sara, behind the fast-paced life in Castro Street. Getting hungry? Please don't. Image hosted by Photobucket

As usual, all photos are at Fifth Year Holler. I'm also a bit curious as to what photo you actually want me to put at the very top of my news layout next year, if I ever feel like doing it. Comments, please! It's really appreciated.

My last two days? I'm too tired to talk about it. Stress is coming in. But I'll still blog, nevertheless.

And your responses...

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