Living for the weekend (even if it isn't any closer)

First, have you scrolled down and seen my long post with fifty-nine paragraphs and tens of thousands of characters? I literally counted them - with the help of the computer, of course.

After I sneaked out the camera, I went to school and, aside from studying for my International Studies exam, took around seventy photos of my blockmates. Well, since Ariane took my camera and decided to snap photos of the party animals, with their accidentally festive colored shirts and all, I ended up having seventeen photos of those six (Ariane, Clarence, Jana, Kizia, Marcia and Martin), all in different (and decidedly weird) poses. Being behind the camera for one time, I couldn't help but laugh at whatever they were up to. I was also getting distracted out of studying for the test. That, because I decided not to study for it last night; Sir Marasigan said in our last class that there might not be any need to study since we just had that incredulously broad quiz weeks back.

He was right. Fifty items, multiple choice, and it was all, weirdly, stock knowledge for me. It was fairly easy as well, except for the occasional questions that I couldn't remember being discussed, either. (That was already a given, since it has happened a lot before.) The only catch is, the directions were quite tricky; we shade, in our scannable answer sheets, A for false and B for true. If nobody paid any attention they would have busted a chance for any additional points (since the finals somehow acted as long test number three, and, as Sir Marasigan said, if we fail the test, nothing much would happen).

I guess you know now where I'm trying to go to. But if you haven't, pause for a minute and figure it out.

Got it? Well, then.

Some fell for the trick. I was outside of the classroom and some of my classmates (and the other studnets taking the same test) were panicking, since they got everything in reverse. They went a bit hysterical, if not outright hopeful that they are given another shot at the exam. I don't think they did, however. Despite the fact that there isn't actually any effect to the grade, except probably for those with really low pre-final grades, they got a bit, well, hyperactive.

Aside from that, since I took a million photos of me and my blockmates - finally, I have more than one photo in my camera - things went a little bit more sentimental than intended. We had photos that look as good as some movie posters, and are actually death-defying for some (I took two photos while I'm sitting on a ledge near the stairs, and I was actually bending back to get everyone in).

I went home with Les today, since she's leaving for Boracay tomorrow (and is excited to get, in her words, "ten layers of black"). It's been long since I last went home with her - I think we last rode the same bus last term - and then we found ourselves chatting about drinks, the block, and the photos we've taken. Then, I end up here, at SM yet again, after we bought waffle dogs and had a goodbye that was a bit harried.

Oh, and I finally got to give our English 2 research paper. I cry for my fourteen-week-old baby.

I'll be back to school on Thursday, when I get my course card in Chemistry and get to upload the photos I've taken. And, yes, it's going to be one last day for the block on Tuesday. If today couldn't get more sentimental, what else a week from now?

Some are missing some right now. In my case, I'm still not that close there. But, as I've asked Les, "iiyak kaya ako?"

I wonder if, when and how. For now, however, I'll indulge in something that Jenn has got in her Christmas wishlist. Finally, some rest.

And your responses...

Oh yes. REST.
You deserve that Niko!!

Have a Merry Christmas! ;)

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