One last post for two-uh-oh-five

Let's end the year with a ridiculously short post, for I'm rushing stuff and I'm kinda lazy today.

You must've noticed that I finished my new blog's layout. Caresse is so getting those reactions, probably. And, yesterday, I went to the World Pyro Olympics. But it seems all my thoughts have been scrunched up. Maybe next year.

At least I can uplaod new photos to Fifth Year Holler tomorrow.

Since I don't have any fireworks photos at hand right now to upload and complete the entire feel of the post, I'll just say it. Happy new year, everyone, and may we end up with much better things in the next three hundred and sixty-five days.

Movements (like Ale to Xanga), changes (like my layout), and everything else (obviously can't think much). We'll see you whenever we can.

And your responses...

Happy new year Niko! ;)
Don't change okay? :)

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