What am I thinking? Blogging at this time?

Today is, as everyone knows all too well, the last regular day of the term. Come Monday, it's going to be finals week, and upon realizing that I need to get at the very least an 81 to get a 2.0 in Algebra, I should be studying by now. But today was just all too different, for things, well, weirdly fell into place.

I was quiet today, not because I was sad, but because nothing much happened.

I came in to school today and received a few more compliments for the album art I worked on for three straight nights. Jaja says it reminds her of, as usual, Bamboo, and Toni says it looks like a music CD (which is, well, how it's intended to be). Lau, even, got amazed at how it fits into the jewel case like magic. I left the conservatory with reminders from Cuyeg not to, well, dive upwards again like last time.

International Studies class confirmed my first pretty-final grade: I got a 3.0 in the subject. Not bad, since I haven't heard of anyone with a higher grade. No one failed, but some are willing to go to school on Tuesday for a longer time to take the final exam. (On Tuesday, anyway, it's the deadline for our English 2 research paper.) We ended with a few jokes, as usual, and Sir Marasigan happily trotting out his six-month vacation. We ended around twenty minutes earlier. And I'm taking the finals exam still.

Come Algebra, and the worst confirmation of my standing; as I said before, I need to get an 81 in the finals to get a 2.0 in the subject. (Ironically, I just got my dean's list certificate earlier. I want to hang on to that.) We ended with a few more lessons, and as it happened I was getting more tense. We ended thirty minutes (or even forty) earlier, and I was left to myself to study for the whole weekend. Just Algebra, and a little bit of the other subjects.

Then it's the world premiere of our videos. Finally. After finishing Bayaning Third World we switched on the VCDs and watched each one of them (except for Baba's, which doesn't work) to our entertainment. I don't think everyone enjoyed our video, however, since we were running overtime and we were asked to keep our reactions down. So, when they laughed at Malia's portrayal of Super Pepe (and it was heck funny), they were trying their best to keep quiet for Jason's dancing and singing. There it went: excitement broken. Even worse, I turned off the video just when the "movie magic" kicked in. It was in the credits, after all. (No wonder Jino was asking me for photos of Icka's grandmother.)

The day ended with me, Jason, Kizia and Jino sharing a table and eight pieces of chicken from KFC. Jason was asking his "what would you choose" questions again, this time concerning love and romance. "Conservative or liberal?" he asked us. Even weirder, "good kisser or good cuddler?" I was, in fact, covering my ears and trying my hardest to eat since I haven't eaten for eight hours prior. We got tumblers, we shared gravy, and I was acting weird. Go figure. I insist. (Kizia was soo full that time. Sorry!)

Then me and Jino went home, standing in the bus until Zapote, and then freezing in the ridiculously cold aircon at the back row. We both dropped off at SM and, weirdly, decided to play some point-and-shooters (his treat, obviously). I died twice, and I think he's doing it for a reason.

He got weirdly quiet in the bus, and I figured to ask him if he has a problem. He has, and I couldn't just tell him, however, that I think I know what that problem is. But, as always, I just couldn't give anyone advice without being certainly sure about that. Right?

On Monday, it's the storm. Let's go study some algebra. Gotta get another certificate next term. Oh, and also, get that feeling off my head.

And your responses...

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