No storyline? Post photos!

I was supposed to take a photo of people coming in, but with Jason and Huey coming in the scene, the photo couldn't have been much better. Image hosted by Photobucket

(You just saw this post? Man, you weren't really that lucky. If you read on you'll understand why I pulled this photo out. Sorry then!)

A stolen snapshot of GMA investigative reporter Howie Severino at his talk yesterday for TeamComm. Image hosted by Photobucket

Mary eats some of Cuyeg's chocolate mousse. I think, she does look weird on this one, but is this a negative thing? Image hosted by Photobucket

Wait, I've got something else to say. I've been thinking about reciprocity the very moment I was reading Ale's blog. So, these things to her: the way you told me a few months back, and despite my cluelessness, kaya mo yan. Ikaw pa?

Weirdly, I'll end this post with yet another photo. If you've been reading Caresse's blog lately, then this is what I've been blabbing about. I just love this pic. Seriously.

Caresse couldn't believe she got her previous essay correctly. I like this pic because the lights just went to soft against her obvious excitement. Image hosted by Photobucket

As before, everything else is available on Fifth Year Holler. Till then, goodnight, and happy tagging!

And your responses...

I was hoping you won't post that pic. Yung kami ni Jino. Baka kasi dumaan boyfriend ko dito sa blog mo. Pwedeng paki-alis?

Jino Crush, sorry!Ö

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