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Let me remind myself first to visit http://www.myspace.com/stonejackjones whenever I get to work on a broadband-connected PC and snatch some MP3s there. If Gideon Coe decided to pull out the link quicker than I say I'll get some files, I won't get them. Anyway...

It's Christmas eve, and amidst all the cooking, the cold, and the people who want hugs in the cold (I know some have mentioend that somewhere), it's been pretty boring out here. Again. Maybe it's because nothing much has happened yet, and midnight has to strike before we get to open the gifts and eat our noche buena. Then, in eight hours or something, we'll travel to Caloocan and do the same thing. Right now I couldn't agree more with what me and Ale have talked about last night: I should have slept over at my grandma's house and avoid all of the hassle with forgetting to bring those Eraserheads MP3s my sister was asking me to bring.

This morning, after Huey sent me (and possibly a lot others) a merry Christmas text message, I sent a variation of the thing to the entire block, plus Nico and Jenn (although I feel like I've forgotten someone or something). I got around twelve replies, all with almost the same thing. One thing that amazed me (needlessly) is how we say merry Christmas: I was giving away a happy holidays message even if I'm Catholic, because I feel like it, and not because of the American fuss over the greeting. Some, like Caresse, have even greeted me with a happy Christmas, a clear deviation over the usual words used. And, if anything else has to be added, it's either enjoy the holidays, have fun or, as Ale texted, walang diet-diet.

Admittedly, the moment I received that text message, I was slowly contemplating over the spaghetti we were eating for lunch.

Although the connection couldn't be any slower (again, a 34 kbps connection isn't nice), I am amazed that I am online. I'm chatting with Jason right now, complete with a suggestion that I fire up some firecrackers for me to kill time and, yes, the (already) usual question as to whether I've already texted Kizia this term break. (I did send her the same smiley Clarence and Ariane got from me. As expected, no reply. Wala sigurong nakakaintindi sa point nung pinapadala ko.)

These past few days I've been a bit amazed at what I've been doing. I'm acting a bit differently, like I've turned some psychic slash counselor. I was supposed to tell her (guess who?) that it's been a brave thing, what she just did, if I got that correctly (and I presume I just did). And, weirdly, I'm opening my lines up as another one of those person she can cry on (if possible, if not to earn some ire).

That sounded impersonal.

Well then, since I haven't got anything much to post, I better let you go. One little thought-provoker, though: distance always comes with separation. You couldn't trust anything much.

Think about it.

Dian just sent me another Christmas message. And maybe I should start celebrating. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel that it's a little bit like Christmas, aside from the radio specials and the year-end countdowns. Again, happy holidays to everyone.

And, oh, did you get the message?

And your responses...

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