Crazy pineapple catch-up

It's been three days of double entries and it's been really fun. I don't know, but despite the imminent gloominess of my entries, which meant I was beginning to write out of impulse and my words aren't making sense, I was feeling a bit better. At least most of the time.

Last Wednesday I failed to mention the presence of Tado, Buwi Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar and acclaimed actor Ronnie Lazaro in our Sociology class, to plug their little effort to clean up the Philippines - or, better yet, the relief map of the Philippines at the Luneta. Last time I looked it was really filthy. Seen as a symbolic move on their part (haven't you been watching the news?), they'll be doing this all weekend, so if you're interested, you better show up on Saturday and Sunday. Apparently there will be band performances as they clean up the fountain. Whatcha think?

I told myself this is the only thing I could do. Not that I'm against anything, but it sounds good. You've gotta admit that.

Today I am getting, bit by bit, much better at swimming. I think Mon was now the one getting special instruction. He was faltering a bit, and I found myself giving encouragement despite my questionable skills. And, indeed, my cough has disappeared (or it could be me taking medicine before we started). I do need some tweaking with my paddling, though.

Speaking of which, I saw Caresse swimming before we started. I wasn't wearing my glasses, though. I thought (and she said so in her blog) she was the only one in her class wearing a two-piece suit?

Sorry, Caresse, but I'm just really curious. Anyway...

If anything else has happened, it's probably not worth mentioning anymore. Have I gone too dramatic the past few days to even pay proper attention to what's more important, namely quizzes and tutorials? But, again, I was reading my horoscope and I thought it spoke to me again, like the last time I said so (and, apparently, it did happen). Apparently something is bound to happen.

But enough of that for the moment. I'm again at the trying-to-shake-off-whatever-I-wrote stage, like last time.

So, I lost my thoughts, my USB drive went bust, and Manny Pacquiao is delaying my trip home. So maybe I should go home.

Uhh, right. If my thought today would calm me down tomorrow...

And your responses...

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