Don't wanna

Something I didn't deserve: having a good post then being disconnected just as I was uploading it. So, attempt two. Now I've lost every word I decided to write as we went home from Barangay Tagumpay today.

I'll be teaching two grade five kids. I almost had my cellphone drained. I thought Caresse shouted at me. I thought that Jollibee-McDonald's competition was weird. I (along with Ian) mistook Dimples for a guy. And I am not that well today.

I saw this post on a Jollibee branch from the Unites States. They call it cafeteria food? What about, say, McDonald's in the Philippines? This reminds me a lot like Super Size Me at a much closer level.

I cried while watching the video for Sigur Rós' Hoppípolla. (That links is taken from this website. Absolutely good stuff.) I don't know why. The song's nice (it's up on Fifth Year Holler, by the way) and the video's much better.

I floated in swimming class yesterday. I gretted Kaymee a happy birthday first among everyone. And I almost lost my Sociology book.

I wasn't looking at Kizia for most of the time today. We did talk (and something else, probably), but my head's still spinning round.

"Maikli pero mas meaningful," Jason just told me. And my head's still spinning round?

Wonder what she thinks?

And your responses...

lol i didnt shout at u heheh i was shouting at hahah someone not u LOL :P ahhahaha

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