Everything cerebral doesn't necessarily matter

Glial cells, Miss Calleja explained, are the things that fill the gaps in between the trillions of neural connections in our brains. No wonder that, despite our forest-like brain connections, when you cut up the brain in two halves it looks like a meaty piece of intelligence.

Well, that's why they're called glial cells. They're pretty much equivalent to glue.

As much as I hate waking up really early today, as usual, I had to. After reading an article on Time magazine in the library days ago, though, I realized that, as someone who wakes up early in the day, I'm at my most effective in the early stretches of my day. So, for a half-hour, I'm simply ineffective, but after that phase, I'm pretty much ready. You couldn't bug me, though, in the afternoon, for that's where I'm supposed to lose pretty much everything.

I hated math, but we had to face calculations for Biology lab class. As usual, it's me, Joy and MC, measuring each others' wrists and waists (well, not that one on each other) and trying to get twistedly complicated values for our body mass indices and body fat percentages. I found out today that my body consists of 19% body fat, and it's still within an acceptable level. I never fail to make note of MC's being underweight, though. Or at least that's what's being said. I can't help but remember Mary - she always came up whenever we talked about how thin MC is, despite her (finding out that she's) taking in more calories than she actually needs.

In the other Biology class, it's been an endless guessing of enzymes and hormones in an impassioned attempt to make things a bit more interesting (however, my seatmates find themselves falling asleep). I, as usual, guessed most of the things wrong. What did you think? I'm not much of a genius anyway, at least on selected matters.

I came into M316, waiting for our class to start, when I saw Kim trying to answer that puzzle where you have to leave a single tee in the board. Supposedly you're going to be called a genius of some sort. Lau suggested that I try to solve that, but I never even laid my hands on the thing. I also doubted my abilities to actually make sense of it all. Or maybe I just didn't have much time on my hands.

Come Filipino 1 class, and I somehow sparked a debate in class. I love discussions like that, when everything begins to make sense (not to mention the whole thing sounding like a radio phone-in on medium wave). Robyn did show up, after making full use of her five allowable absences, and as much as I wanted to help her in catching up, I find myself getting annoyed at being whispered at in the middle of Sir Vin discussing the importance of Philippine Studies. And then there was the issue of having two Robyns in the class (well, I think the other one was a Robin, but they still dound alike), and after Sir Vin trying (and failing) to call Robyn with a different name - one thing she resisted back in Anima - there was this thing that brought back high school memories.

"Dapat isa sa inyo Batman," Sir Vin said, and then I remembered the stuff that was formed in fourth year. What about drummer boy you ask? Sorry, but I felt like launching the line.

And then we were in Psychology class, and we were dismissed early again, but not after an (almost) dysfunctional VHS player that didn't play the sounds well. That, until someone decided to tinker with the thing - someone with knowledge, obviously, for he's one of the audiovisual staff. Jom volunteered but didn't quite make it, or was he trying to impress Miss Calleja?

Right now, I'm in that huge trailer in between the Miguel building and Z2, with free Internet access - just what I need when my brain faltered and forgot to get fifty bucks from the bus conductor. Too bad this lasts only for the duration of University Week. They shouldn't close before six as well (but I must be going home by then). And Steph just returned my Psychology book. And then I'm lost for words again.

Last night felt weird, with Isah telling me that I must be a fool not to realize my being a (supposedly) great writer. Nothing cerebral about it, but as I told her, when inspiration strikes, it's gotta happen. It's probably the reason why I took everyone saying I write well with a bit of doubt, since it simply comes natural, anyway. (This would just ram the point, or this could be false humility.) I didn't see much classmates today, unexpectedly. Or maybe I did see Huey and Cuyeg fight for strawberry ice cream Nico was giving Cor.

Sure everything cerebral doesn't necessarily matter, right?

Today, in the middle of the forty minutes that was supposedly the most panicking for me, nothing did show up, and I don't know whether I should think it's anything good or not.

I had another one of what Clarence called "weird thoughts in weird hours" last night, and I wonder if I've killed the point home further. Or maybe it's just me defying all statements previously made.

I'm such a fickle-minded person. Better yet (or even worse), I'm a fickle-feeling person. Can't decide, or can't comprehend, simply said.

I'm making things much worse for me. I know.

And your responses...

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