Gotta get used to quiz bee fantasies

At first, of course, not everybody would feel like going to school and would even decide to skip the first few days of classes. I know, that's what I felt like doing, but silly old me never does, like I always used to. So when I came into Filipino 1 class today, I was surprised at what I saw.

Robyn. Yes, she's my classmate.

So, exactly as I predicted privately, my world has collided with everybody else's. I have Jenn for a classmate. I have Ale for a classmate. And now, I have Robyn for a classmate. It's not that it's a negative thing, but it's simply spooky that some of the things I've thought of in all of the idle time I was given during the term break came, well, true. But the thing I told Robyn when she entered M314 was something short of a shock. "I can't believe it," I said. "You're my classmate?"

Like it's a bad thing. Not really, but I thought my high school life has long gone behind me. Last night me and Gio chatted and he was asking me if I had any news about Robyn. Obviously I hadn't; the last time I heard from her it was when she wasn't returning my calls about my Zen Micro that she borrowed (and, consequently, gave the Japanese version of Kiss Me a hundred play counts). And then I last saw her yesterday, when Ale was leading me to the sports complex to have the cake the BonoSoc just gave me.

It couldn't be more coincidentially spooky.

In that class, we took on an alphabetical seating arrangement, which means seatmates me, Ale and Jason would have to split up. I sit in front, as usual, while Jason would gladly reprise the role Ian played during Art Appreciation class on the first term. Ale, however, settled for the back row like in the aforementioned class, and then someone was calling those people in the back row a love triangle (since there's just three of them). But, between the three of us, I'm still the photocopy guy, and I still haven't claimed the latest handouts, since the photocopy guy just wouldn't give me.

And, yes, the really useful lesson over why the phrase abangan ang mga susunod na kaganapan wouldn't work if you're reporting on a crime.

Nothing much really happened today, unlike last week, when I was overwhelmed with the number of classmates I saw and then I would go sentimental over things uselessly. I forgot to give Cuyeg his chocolate oatmeal bars. (Someone's gotta remind me tomorrow.) I got a few more birthday greetings, from Jessica, Baba, Sars, Derek and even Sir Vin from Filipino 1 class (it's his habit to give out one). I have to work on four things for Biology lab class. And, I have to watch Etheria tonight, for the same subject.

But I still don't fail to get sentimental sometimes, especially when you find yourself nursing a lot of idle time. Well, since I've walked around the third floor of the Miguel building too many times this morning, I see a few blockmates and I get dragged down.

Anong susunod, I miss you?

Probably. Most probably.

And your responses...

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