Hello, hydrogen-oxygen-chlorine hybrid

Ely Buendia or Dino Concepcion - it doesn't matter whose version you'll take. Basta, maraming namamatay sa maling akala.

We're swimming for PE.

All along I thought I found the escape hatch for swimming, since (admittedly) I don't know how to swim, and I haven't been either in the actual beach or the swimming pool for the last two years. I remember being in first year and I didn't go to the school's swimming lessons because, first, I don't know whether it is actually required, and second, I'm afraid I wouldn't actually float. Ang babaw di ba?

But I decided not to pull out or anything. I couldn't do anything about it anymore, anyway. So I decided to face it (as I said somewhere, with all my strength) and decided to take on the swimming challenge. Besides, it's probably too late to find a suitable alternative, unless you've got some suggestions for me to take (today's the last day of adjustment, so...). But I'm pretty nervous. Still, I'm not confident whether I'll actually float in the water. At least our teacher is actually a new one.

Ariane, include me in your swimming rat pack, only I really don't know how.

At least I know a few people on that class. Again, MC (from Sociology and Biology lab) is my classmate, and I found myself reacting again? as she walked into the room. She, however, knows how to swim, being a member of the swimming varsity (apparently) at CSA. I've know a couple of others, though; Mina, from Biology class as well, is in the same class (and looked for a way to the swimming pool with me). Also, Ramon, someone who's good at track-and-field but not in swimming, was one of the first to worry.

At least I'm worrying with somebody else.

Philosophy 2 class kicked off with - surprisingly - a seatwork. Four essay-type items (around two sentences, though) that's subjective, but with the time limit, it's pretty hard. I got through, though. Our professor (and probably that of Jino and Ale), Sir Marollano, has got a doctorate in the subject. Go figure.

Sociology class, and I think I've got a notoriety that's reached way farther than the block. Aside from remeeting MC for the day, I've had a chat with a seatmate (I still don't know him, though). All I remember is he came to the first day of the class with a 99.5 RT Road Thrill shirt on. Well, anyway, we did this how well do you know Philippine society? thing, and it went out a bit riotous.

Literature 1 class, and I found myself knowing a few more people; I tagged with Lei for that semi-permanent "special-assignment group" and meeting, in the process, four more classmates. So say hello (even if it doesn't reach them) to Allen, Hector, Nikki and... I forgot the other guy. I forgot the other guy!

Lesson number I-cannot-remember: Don't forget someone's name.

Then it's a long time at the Cybernook, and then it's PE class. I've got a buddy (I haven't got his name, though) who's going to tell the lifeguards whether my body decides to drown me. I've seen actual Philosophy froshies. I've felt the same hopeless-but-hopeful feeling that I felt when I got my Algebra grade. And I felt sad for my PE uniform becoming housewear instead.

Right now, I'm chatting with Caresse about her English 3 fears (she happens to have Miss Sajise, one with a notoriously terrorizing reputation, apparently, for her teacher), and we're talking in straight English for some reason:
Caresse Dy: i really have to start speaking in english
Caresse Dy: its been a while since i stopped speaking
Caresse Dy: in english
Henrik Batallones: it's been a while. i know. i kinda noticed that.
Henrik Batallones: so, are you ready to take the challenge?
Caresse Dy: but even before, even if i spoke in english, i dont speak well in front of the class
Caresse Dy: haahahaha
Henrik Batallones: it's time that you do.
Caresse Dy: its not hard when you're just talking to a friend or something
Henrik Batallones: if you become a valedictorian for some reason then you'll really have to
Henrik Batallones: it isn't, i know.
Caresse Dy: um
Henrik Batallones: (um?)
Caresse Dy: henrik
Caresse Dy: LOL
Henrik Batallones: yes?
Caresse Dy: i wasnt a valedictorian
Caresse Dy: its dian
Henrik Batallones: i know. but just a what-if for you.
Caresse Dy: oh LOL
Caresse Dy: sorry
Henrik Batallones: that's why... "for some reason"
Henrik Batallones: hahaha
Caresse Dy: Caresse Dy: hahahahha
Henrik Batallones: by the way, LOL isn't a word. hahaha
Henrik Batallones: kidding!
Okay, so I sounded a little bit like Jason. Speaking of which, I saw him at Cybernook earlier. And this morning me and Jino were in the same bus. And he was listening to his freakishly small MP3 player, and I wasn't watching the television because they're misattributing music videos. So today has been as unpredictable as the other days. What about tomorrow?

Tomorrow, when the block meets again in its (almost) full glory, what would happen? How unpredictable would that be? When I get to see Clarence again, doing stuff, or maybe me and Jason, or maybe I'll meet Derek again. And a lot more others, possibly. And I'll end up getting sentimental, and it wouldn't make any sense because Monday's closer by then.

At least right now change isn't haunting me that much. Kakayanin nga natin kahit mahirap, di ba?

Marami tayong takot sa pagbabago, pero minsan kailangan talagang harapin.

Wink, wink, wink, wink, wink. I'm teary-eyed after winking too much.

But, after all of that, something still remains. I texted Clarence last night, upon reading her tag asking for my location, and this is what I said.

Tinatanong mo kung nasaan ako? Nandito pa rin po.

And your responses...

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