Just sweet

What was expected to be a normal Saturday, peppered only by the fact that it's something short of a block reunion, was ruined. It became something better.

So, my weaknesses for mushy stories has come out again.

I was in school from 12.15, realizing that the airconditioners at M411 have conked out and won't turn on. Melissa came in and we were feeling a bit harassed by the fact that they have died when we came in. Jason came in and was wondering whether he should have worn his long-sleeved shirt, which made him something short of a gymnast. All he could do was tumble up and down.

It was almost a block reunion, the only problem being the two major groups stuck it out together. The schedules worked their way; only the drifters like me had the need to miss some people. Caresse was still trying to talk in straight English, complete with additional intimidation factors from Jason. Jill was still late for the class, the reason probably being her waking up late; it has become the usual speculation among the BonoSoc. Malia came up and was really tired. The party animals came late and, again, I barely got to communicate with anyone (except for Clarence, of course, weirdly).

We would have to work with these people for thirteen more weeks - most of the block, plus the others from the other classes - to teach kids at Barangay Tagumpay. So our project is literally in full swing. But that wasn't much in the agenda today. We were usually noisy. We are still noisy. And I, as expected, got hyperactive. I even brought a camera.

So we played a weird Samson, Delilah, lion game - a variation of rock, paper, scissors - and my side won it, with all the secret planning and distractions and symbols we used. The way we represented each character was distinctly stamped with the party animal's trademark (and then suddenly I remember how Ariane placed that copyright sign in her post regarding the group), complete with sound effects and, yes, the pout you must've seen in their photos. And Huey was there with the PE-tested dominate! behavior. Even Jason's apparent working around their symbols didn't work much.

And then it ended with the Huey-Jason banters like they were enemies of some sort. They were even using the quotations Miss Rago posted in the blackboard. Although it did help that they were still together in most of the classes, it felt like it was the first time.

Everything was indeed never the same.

So what about those mushy moments?

Kim came in to class today, and she was pretty happy. I checked out her blog earlier, and asked for my reaction from it. She was obviously excited. She had to tell the others. And to think, in her own words, "nagselos siya para sa wala".

And Jino, who was dropped from CWTS class due to his absences (he was hospitalized from three weeks and wasn't given a chance), suddenly appeared, with a bunch of flowers for Ale. Boy, we were surprised.

Hmmmm. I never thought I would write about it.

The photos, I wish, would come up on Monday. Oh, and it's my birthday on Monday. At least I have a really short day on Monday, for I'll go home in the afternoon.

Happy birthday to me. Nagpaparinig ba? Hmm...

And your responses...

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