Laughing out loud?

(Note: Caresse gave me the title for today's entry. Obviously I haven't got much to think about. Thanks a lot, then!)

If you would let me expose my philosophical side, I'd say that my soul really known how to swim. It's only held back by my water-weak body.

My arms have gone numb, my jumping ability has diminished, and my reputation has somehow sinked with the five-feet-deep water. Among the men who attended last week, only four showed up. Me and Mon are probably the only men who couldn't swim, and yet we were being beaten by the girls who also claimed to have no prior knowledge in swimming. I was falling behind. I was repeating things. I was losing my streamline. But I didn't drown. Mon, well, did (almost, since he is admittedly someone vertically-challenged who was at the five-feet level), and had to move to the shallowest part.

But I swam halfway through the pool - in a kickboard, though - without stopping. I even somwhow overtook MC. I almost kicked her, even. Wait - that isn't nice, ever. Hmm. I shouldn't have mentioned that.

John, another classmate, even was teaching me what to do to at least get a good headstart while keeping my head down in the water, floating endlessly, kicking my feet while staying static. That is a bit bad, isn't it?

I really don't know how to swim. And, I'm blind in that class. Glasses off, folks.

But at least I survived swimming class. I survived having my first shower in school. I survived humiliation, partial disabledness, and even waiting blankly at space, like I've never done that before. I survived swimming with classmates I barely even know (except probably for MC, who's with me in two other classes). I survived today without any other thought crossing my mind, except probably for drowning.

So I shook MC's hand as we congratulated ourselves, even though only I needed it.

To think it's Friday the thirteenth. I was a bit lucky, after all.

Aside from that, I felt a little bit of Anthropology redux, as I was asked (actually, I volunteered, since it was getting so cold) to climb up the Behavioral Sciences department and get our Sociology class' seat plan. We finally finished watching Ghost for Philosophy class, and on Monday we don't have any (but it's impossible for me to attend the PNPRS lecture). And we had Literature 1 class just when we thought Miss Wright wouldn't come. We somehow began counting down in our heads, to no avail.

Aside from that, nothing much, really. I haven't seen much blockmates today, not even the people I usually see, except for frequently-spotteds Sudoy, Loui and Ariane, who was wearing an all-black outfit that made me wish she was there to... wait, Niko. You want someone to keep you warm? Wear an all-black get-up instead of having her hug you. (Kidding, Ariane!)

Tomorrow, it's CWTS class all over again. I guess another kilig moment will happen. Or maybe not. Where are the brad attacks (trademark of Nico Manga, natch) when we need them?

And your responses...

Hmm.. Swimming. I;m having what ifs in my mind. Hahha. I think I should have taken swimming as PE this term.

Ganyan talaga sa umpisa. Pero masasanay ka rin. Practice ka lang if you have time. :)

Hirap nga ng ganyan. Pag sobrang malabo mata mo, you'll need contact lenses na. :)

Eeeeeeeeeek. I miss swimming na. :( Hahahaha.

I'm so not looking forward to CWTS class. >:(

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