More questions than answers, as usual

I checked out whatever Jenn had given me for Christmas, only to discover that somebody had actually opened it before I did. I just had time to look at it now.

Last night I was already asked as to whether today's actually our start of classes, but thankfully it wasn't. I was asked that a few times before, from Clarence and Jom (who actually said something dramatic after I answered his question), and yesterday Kizia asked me the same. I suddenly had to ask Les the same thing. Now I'm confused.

And, today, I texted Lau as to whether something is up on U-Break tomorrow. I only have three classes tomorrow, all in the morning. I've got all the time after U-Break, so imagine my fun. Normal load, lots of time to upload (and, yeah, buy books and stuff). so, I'll attempt to have lunch with some blockmates tomorrow, if it's possible. I wish it is possible.

So, tomorrow, it's all back to normal. I'll sleep at nine in the evening tonight. Sadly, I really have to. I wonder, though, if my horoscope today will come true. Mercury, apparently, is in my sign, and I'll end up trying to get something out of my chest within the next three weeks.

That is spooky.

Also, whether me and Caresse would actually be classmates in some classes, or if we would get something done for CWTS class, or if I would have to fork out extra in the next week. And, yes, the same would I attend their debuts question, like last term.

That is spookier.

I'll see you tomorrow, people. There are a lot to see tomorrow, I just thought. Who would I see tomorrow?

And your responses...

What's for Ubreak tomorrow?
Why #5? Kasi from what I read, yung mga simpleng bagay, napapalawak mo. Hahaa. Hindi ko nagagawa yun. :D

Maybe you'll see me tomorrow. LOL. Kainis. May Ubreak pa ko, and then 1 class nalang naman ang susunod. Kainis na ENGLTWO. Yun lang din ang hinihintay ko for monday eh. :( Tapos break ko ng Monday, 1130-1430. ARGH!

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