No, joo?

Well, for once I can say I was partly popular yesterday. Natanong ba naman ako.

How do you say did you eat? in a neutralized American accent?

Apparently, if you've been paying attention, you say jeet? among all things.

Yesterday, me, Jason and Ale, along with groupmates AK and Kat, watched that double-bill of plays I mentioned on the last post. Two conedies in a studio setting, plus heavy traffic, because apparently the city government decided to close another chunk of Roxas Boulevard. That procession of six hundred (seriously) Sto. NiƱo statues closed a crucial part of the route to the CCP, and although I wasn't directly affected - well, I was, somehow.

Ale was stuck in the middle of traffic, and I was waiting for her. I was (somehow) in a rush, I actually texted her this.

Would you mind making a run for it? Obviously I was kidding, but it was three minutes to start time. I ended up settling in a seat before she arrived (but I reserved her a seat despite Jason reserving for three of us). The play started - the first one was Chris Martinez' Welcome to Intelstar, starring Eugene Domingo - and she did arrive minutes after that, and I ended up without anyone sitting beside me. Ironic, isn't it?

But the first play was funny enough (yes, Jason, complaint noted) - riotous, if that's the right thing to call it. Audience participation is a big chunk of the play, so some of us were asked to get ourselves an American name and pronounce stuff in the aforementioned accent. So that's why I got called. To think I was silently prodding for Jason to be called. And, we were seated on the left side of the stage.

She ended up getting a standing ovation.

The second play, J. Dennis C. Teodosio's Gee-Gee at Waterina, was more thought-provoking. The mere fact that I wished for Lou Veloso to come out proves the point, but we instead got an excellent performance from alternate Jigz Recto (but still I wonder whether Sir Vin was right in saying Lou was much better). Partly inspired from the sojourns of real-life comfort gay Markova, this story still pulls off the laughs (excessive gay lingo use alert) but provoked our thoughts as well. How much are we worth? may sound a bit vague at this time, but I still would say it's deep enough for me to get drowned in.

After the play, the five of us discussed our midterm report, which is due in two weeks. We settled for the video, and then nothing much yet. A random thought passed through me then: we're meeting in the middle of cultural space. So inspiring.

After that, we three blockmates ate at Pancake House and, although I had to settle for a single scoop of ice cream (and the two others eating waffles), once that fudge brownie a la mode came in - gah, it's time to share. That was actually Ale's order, but we never got to cancel that (since her parents are waiting for her somewhere), so Jason took the tab and treated the three of us to chocolate-syrup laden vanilla ice cream on a really moist brownie. Eighty bucks. Think about it.

Kung tutuusin, parang bonding moment naming tatlo yun.

I ended up walking to Harrison Plaza to get to my parents. The procession was still blocking the boulevard, and I almost lost my voice. Apparently colds and laughter isn't a perfect mix either.

We went home, and I received belatedly two of Ale's text messages when I was waiting for her outside. Stupid signal jammers - she already asked me to come into the theater, and she didn't like the traffic as much as I did.

Bonding moment? Hmm. Haha...

It seems technology is hating me now. My USB drive is bust, and I couldn't make my floppy disks work. So, I couldn't upload (at least on Photobucket) my photos from Saturday, even if there are only six worth showing in this blog. I know some are waiting - probably the reason why Kizia passed by Fifth Year Holler, surprisingly.

I've gotta get myself a USB drive, then. This time, something more trusty.

And your responses...

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