Nothing else compares

Have you ever been amazed at how great things have changed with time? I mean, think about it - when we were young, things seemed so simple. We were free to do what we want - except, of course, with the limits of our parents threatening to hit us with whatever it is they intend to hit us. Then we grow up, and the things we've believed in - they change. Better yet, we lose our belief in these things. It all gets shattered.

Not that today's been bad. I happen to have too many random thoughts crossing me. I didn't exactly feel like going to school today, since I had a cold (and coughs) and I was practically dragging myself through the night. But, then again, I couldn't have regretted my decision.

I've met my groupmates for our first group report in Biology class, probably the only exciting detail in an otherwise boring class. The previous meeting I was desparate for a groupmate, but thankfully my classmate Charmaine was also in such a situation. So, we practically found each other and paired up. Today we found three other members - Meia, Marie and Johann - and together we're going to make sense out of Subway's offerings. That seems exciting, isn't it?

Isn't it? I'm hearing crickets all around.

Filipino 1 class, and my only problem was losing all of the handouts I had photocopied previously (and something else before that, which is much worse). We're going to watch two plays on Sunday (me, Jason and Ale together, as usual). We're given the option to do a video for our midterm report (which is on Valentine's day, coincidentially), and the moment it was announced, me and Jason looked at each other, and then turned to Ale.

But of course, it's Jino's expertise. More excitement, after Sir Delupio's many projects for us.

Then, our alternative class for Psychology class, admittedly, amounted to nothing much but a few essay readings, but I do know some are surprised that I'm listening to the entire thing. Science-religion conflicts somehow matter in my world. But really, it does. I know Jenn was losing her motivation somehow, and Jom was simply looking for an attendance sheet. It was nowhere to be found.

So we did get a free cut, since we ended early.

And, again, I'm having a million handouts photocopied, plus a lot more things. Maybe I should get reused to waking up at five in the morning, since recently circumstances have given me extra sleep and a lot more. I'm suddenly lost for words as well. Maybe it's the fatigue that's begun to set in.

Why do things just become so complicated when we grow up? Can we just be not aware of the things that are happening around us? Can we just, for once, stand up for how we used to see things and make it go all back to normal?

Can it ever be much simpler?

It wouldn't, probably, but we could make things work, I know.

But, for me, I'll still go through the other corridor, trying to avoid all the little memories that matter in the end.

And your responses...

Just how ironic can life get? When we were kids, we all wished to grow up. And now that we've grown up (but not fully!) we want to get back to the days when our problems were what toys to play and how to avoid eating veggies.


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