One little exclusivity circle

Inspiration strikes again.

I'm dropping by to say that I feel weirdly a lot closer to the BonoSoc than before. That's one thing I didn't expect to happen, ever. I think you guys know I've seen them since way back as one incredibly inaccessible group, but I guess I was wrong. It could have been circumstance, yes, but it's been weirdly going well. Past lessons have come back to prominence.

I'm dropping by to say that I feel a bit disengaged among the others, though. I could go on and continue to lament my only-online contact with a third of the party animals, and a little eye-to-eye with everybody else. I've got to admit I thought (especially last July) that I would feel a lot closer to these six people throughout my school life. Guess I've got a case of party animal disillusionment.

I'm dropping by to say that I feel a lot harassed nowadays. The mere fact that their demands have come from everywhere makes me shiver with self-doubt. I don't know whether I could do whatever they ask from me. It's changed drastically to the point that I don't know where to go next.

I'm dropping by to say that I feel sad over the mere fact, that despite me trying my best, I couldn't just do it easily.

One little exclusivity circle. One that I helped make. One that I feel left out of.

Yeah, maybe it's just the lack of contact. Just when I got used to all of the attention.

And your responses...

^____^ oki lang yan niko ^_____^

i hope nakatulong sayo sabi ni maks ^__^

^0^ see ya around... ^___^

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