Popped balloons and tight hugs

So it took him a week and a few months before that before all of this could happen. It did seem a bit surprising, and the whole thing, personally, seemed a bit impossible. But, in his words, it was circumstance that brought them together, and it was something unexpected. It was, after all, inevitable.

Okay, enough of the quoting. Jino and Ale are officially, well, official.

Thursday morning last week, and I arrived at school seeing Nico and Jino, well, plan something up. It was another elaborate brad attack. There was talk of the past (weirdly), pieces of paper, a lot of I love you phrases, and the number eighteen. And I, accidentally, was asked to become a photographer of some sort (but that didn't materialize much, since today I wasn't able to get our camera). So then I somehow figured everything out. It was another (self-coined and them-agreed) bradstorming session, and this time it promised to be a bit epic, more than the Saturday before that.

Then it did get into swing today. As usual, even I was surprised with a few bits: the balcony behind the Yuchengco building, at the start of U-Break, was filled with almost every member of the BonoSoc and almost every one of the party animals. We were seventeen, all in all: each has balloons with some message inside. We even almost lost the balloons to the wind (partly my fault), and we were trying our best to keep them all. Besides, it was supposedly disallowed in campus.

All of us were getting too hyped up on the tension, with Lau (who was in charge of Ale's transport, so to speak) not coming early enough. Jino, on the other hand, was hiding somewhere, with a bunch of flowers he launched earlier from some plastic bag. (In his words, he was getting really shaky as the others were taking photos and playing with the balloons. And Lau wasn't there yet.)

So Ale and Lau arrived, and the whole thing began. I threw Lau her balloon, and we had Ale pop each and every one of them. She pulled out her pen and popped them one by one, with us pretending as if we're scared of it. Lau was picking up the pieces. We had her read whatever's written in those messages (but she didn't), but there was this little back-up plan.

Huey asked Ale. "Ilan yan lahat?"

Seventeen, all in all. Think of us biting our nails hypothetically.

"Anong date ngayon?"

Somehow there was something with the number eighteen that Jino and Nico discussed last Thursday. Somehow that was what she liked.

Then Jino came out with the eighteenth balloon. (For the record, I had to give way, and I even pushed him gently to start the ooohs from everybody else. I don't know, I think that's worth mentioning.) I guess you knew what happened next.

Huey jumping up and down. Everybody else overwhelmed with emotion (rather than mush). And the new couple, well, in a tight hug.

Lunch was at the Old Spaghetti House, and after a lot of photos, a lot of food (and fried ice cream for some), and a surprise lack of money for payment (but we got around it), it was capped off. People began to leave, with classes ranging from those under Miss Sangil's Literature 1 class to swimming (for Jino, Ariane and Clarence). We got back on campus at around twenty-five minutes past two, and the others with classes began to rush. Jino was literally running but, of course, he had to lead Ale to somewhere near the amphitheater.

And then, that was it. For now, at least.

Well, maybe there isn't much space for me to actually write something substantial. I myself am at a loss for words, weirdly, even if I tried my best to plan this post up. Personally, all I thought was that the two's relationship would remain as a friendship, but the last weeks of the second term wasn't becoming much of a surprise. And then we began the term, and it was almost there. As Jino said that Thursday, "kulang na lang title."

So we have the title. Official. Haven't we had enough of the point?

Well, maybe not.

So then, congratulations for pulling the whole thing off. Here's to more months, years - and whatever's beyond that - for the two of you together. It seems, for now at least, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing unexciting happens in the next few terms. It's true. It's really true.

It was simply a pair-up at a dance recital, and then it just went somewhere else. Ely Buendia, again, had the words to end this entry.

Magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalay-malay...

So maybe I'm getting hyperactive again.

...na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay.

It wasn't certainly the first, but as I've seen it, it's going to last.

And your responses...

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