Relying on coincidences and Freudian slips

Upon much deliberation last night I realized I was just going through the usual first term jitters, only it is in the third term. It is hard to enter a room and realize you've got to keep quiet and do nothing, because basically, you don't know anyone. But today went out pretty differently. Or maybe it's because I'm almost used to it.

A lot happened. No doubt about it.

I met Jenn again, this time at the STRC (why do we always bump into each other this term? Hmm...), which I waited for Biology lab class to begin. I was waiting for Joy, who took the same class (we decided to skip Physics for this one for the term), and upon 08.10 we met our teacher, Miss de Jesus. (Actually, Doctor de Jesus.) She is nice, or so it initially seems, and both me and Joy agreed on that. Malumanay ang boses, hindi parang naninindak tulad nung isa kong teacher sa Philosophy 2. (But, take note, I like both teachers.) Also, I made my first linking from another class to another one. Ladies and gentlemen, meet MC.

She's my classmate in Sociology, but when she first opened that up I didn't recognize her. (Admittedly I was thinking a bit about Jackie more during that first class. Excitement, I know.) She sat in front of me, gold-and-brown getup and all that, and for our first group work she'll join me and Joy in collecting nutrition facts from canned meat and tabulating them. (And, obviously, I got chosen as leader, upon Joy's recommendation. Neat? Probably.)

Before going to Biology class, I went to the Cybernook and saw Ariane and Kizia. (You're looking for your names, just like Clarence mentioned last vacation? Well, I think this would work.) I was naturally surprised, because I was literally expecting to see them on Saturday, when NSTP class begins. I was surprised someone else was checking out my blog; turns out it was Ariane reading it. And then it all began again; a day of coincidences too real to be true.

Biology class seemed interesting; in fact, both lecture and lab class should be called, for some reason, physical fitness. That's what we'll basically talk about; first aid, body fat, and all that, just to make further sense into it all the way Chemistry talked about soil erosion and the many protocols we've gotten ourselves into. I was alone on that class, but I get to sit in the front row. Our teacher, Sir Alfonso, also seems okay, but he somehow bored me. (It's the first class. It's a given.)

I ate lunch at Z2 (or, should we call that lunch?) when I met up with the BonoSoc, and did the usual hanging out and departure. I was expecting to be alone for Filipino 1 class, with almost the whole block (okay, most of the BonoSoc) taking the class at M316 from 13.00. Turns out I was with someone. I was taking the class with Ale.

(Drumroll please. What did I do?)

(A high-five, that's what.)

Turns out there was this little (human) error when she enrolled, so she ended up enrolling in the class at M314, at the same time, just when she is supposed to take the one at M316 where almost everybody else is. As much as I am glad to have someone I know in the class, my little concern was whether I would make actual sense. Here it is, the ultimate test as to whether I'm a bit calm in class.

Jason was in the same class as well. Take makes it the three of us.

Although they both plan (I think) to leave me behind (emphasis unnecessary, I know) and adjust to the other class, that afternoon was fun. We did some brainstorming (which Jason somehow, in the tradition of PE class last term, dominated) on issues surrounding the Filipino language, and all I did was slump in thinking. I lost my calm-and-containedness and went (probably) a bit hyperactive that time.

Then it was Psychology class, and turns out I know five people from that class. Jom, Steph, Les, Denise and Jenn is in the same section (that last detail I immediately failed to realize, when she told me that yesterday). Miss Calleja teached pretty well, with the prospect of us being test subjects (somehow) for the faculty's research for extra grades. Sounds like a good prospect.

So, then, my day did seem a lot better than yesterday. I saw Clarence today and did the usual "excitement whatever" I coined myself (somehow). I hugged Les (or did I?) too many times before Biology class. I was, in a way, a bit happy.

Now if it only stayed that way.

The thought that provoked me the most was what Miss Calleja said earlier in class. Yes, kids, we did start our lessons. It went something like this: the more familiar you are with the person, the more you tend to like that person.

Seatmates. Think about it.

And your responses...

Hahaha. See, I told you that we were going to be classmates in GENPSYC! hahah.

Lagi nga kitang nakikita. Nagsasawa na ko ah! Hahaha. Kidding.

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