Reminiscing about home

"Is that soup free?" Sara asked as we had lunch today.

Apparently, it was, and the American-accented Filipina (who probably also owned the place) offered to give the others a free bowl. Jill was enjoying hers, and I, along with Jaja, got our own. Out of curiosity Jaja asked Jill about the actual soup.

"Tinola," she answered.

Then Jaja went a bit sentimental, citing the fact that the last time she had a bowl of hot tinola back home in Tuguegarao. Probably the fact that what the urban world only had to offer in restaurants that students can actually afford was fried stuff, fast food and other stuff similar to home-cooked but is actually more mass-produced than anything else made this so possible. Who else could've missed home-cooked meals a lot more like her, someone who lived in one of the dormitories in DLSU's surroundings and lives half a thousand miles away?

Today was our first actual day of tutoring. Last week all we probably did was know where our tutees are placed and where they are having difficulties at. This time, however, we really ended up crunching our locations, our knowledge of elementary lessons, and our ingenuity to make things more interesting. Among the three kids I was originally assigned to teach, I found only one (one was nowhere and the other didn't seem to like me from the start), and instead had to adopt one of Kevin's tutees, since he didn't make it on time. (Also, he wasn't feeling well.) We actually left the Moldex parking lot fifteen minutes late after waiting for Jaja, and then I forgot a few others. We were obviously rushing stuff around.

We did arrive on time, though, since our jeeps decided to take the bypass road through Sta. Mesa. After finally finding our places and our kids, we got down to work. I myself had a fun time teaching my kids - Balong, who was Kevin's kid, and Niko, that kid who had a little problem with English - stuff like photosynthesis and paragraph composition. Admittedly I didn't know where to start, and so I ended up mentioning these things to Balong (including how carbon dioxide is spelled) and teaching additional stuff within the other lessons. I used tissue paper to demonstrate how water gets into the leaves (very funny on my part) and teaching a little bit of history into Niko's English paragraphs. It wasn't just me, though - a lot of other kids, especially those who haven't seen their tutors, were also around helping out, listening in, or making things a little bit more complicated. It was tiring, yes, but time did fly so quickly.

What was funny though, was the many things that happen after we ended our tutorials. I brought my camera and the kids wanted some photos. Even my other classmates were into it as well (but, as Martin said, "hindi kumpleto ang lahat kung walang pictures"). They had a lot of photos especially with this one girl that apparently just showed up and began counting will Jill. Jaja has five photos with this girl, to the point that she overexercised her cheekbone. Poor us.

But we were so battered, apparently. Everyone still hasn't got enough sleep, from me (who took the LRT, a long jeepney ride, and a long shuttle wait to get away with potential traffic after they closed down part of Roxas Boulevard for a Pacquiao victory party) to the others (who watched Rivermaya and Kjwan perform at the University Week culminating night, not to mention Marc Abaya doing suggestive stuff - right, Jana?). Some of us ended up getting some shut-eye both ways in and out of Barangay Tagumpay. Right now we rightfully deserve some rest. I am persoanlly tired - but look at me, still blogging. No wonder I'm losing all of my money.

At least I didn't worry much about not getting to watch Ablaze (last night's concert), for I'll be watching this concert on U-Break tomorrow with Pitik, Kala, Unnamed (simply said, Ian Marasigan's band) and Urbandub. I'm already starting to sweat. It's gonna be a must-watch, I know. Better buy that Kala EP from Les, and get that autographed as well. At least I'm going to have something autographed - my sister's had a lot of them already.

Only trade-off is, though, I would have to eat lunch alone, and at around 14.30. If I could just drag someone there, though...

Today was fun. Tomorrow must be - me, Jason, Ale, and three others (probably) from Filipino 1 class would watch those plays at the Tanghalang Huseng Matute. And then I have to sleep. I'm losing sleep on the photos and the post.

Urbandub could do me a good service right now.

And your responses...

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