Seven to seventeen

Gah, deep inside me I'm laughing really hard.

It's pretty obvious now, the very fact that it's already 2006, and we've been given more space to get things right (or wrong). I've got to admit, however, that the very reason I went online today was to see whether stuff have moved around a bit online. You know, whether people have reacted weirdly to my new layout, or whether someone sent me additional happy new year greetings, or whether (yes, seriously) Ale has already updated her new Xanga blog. (With all honesty, I was looking forward to that.)

Well, as of now she hasn't, yet. So I went to her (already closed) Blogger blog and saw this.

"Henrik, don't worry, Imma put up a tagboard there."

What a way to get reused to school all over again.

In two days, it's back to La Salle for all of us already used to the vacations. Yeah, just when we did we suddenly have to go back. I know, we're still a bit grouchy (right?) when it comes to the thought of more stress, but we just absolutely have to. I know I have to. It's been pretty boring, yes, but I've begun to enjoy the lack of stuff to do; in fact, I've stopped daydreaming, even. I somehow decided to take Clarence's advice when we last texted each other last Thursday night (or Friday morning). And, yes, she gave me another brilliant piece of advice.

"Wag kang magbibitaw ng salita kung di ka pa sigurado dun."

And then, we just didn't talk anymore. Maybe her unlimited text thing ended before I could text her about the World Pyro Olympics.

Speaking of which, there were a lot of people during the last day. We were there the moment the gates opened, and we were there for a good seven hours. I got tired just facing the sea, looking at the sunset, getting all sentimental, and receiving text messages from Jackie (who's telling me about this writing competition) and Jenn (who I just randomly disturbed). And then the audience almost hated the Philippine display, until they pulled out a surprise. Then we all went wow.

So, we got home really tired. Past midnight, since the traffic just within the area was hard. We barely left a kilometer and we've been in the car for an hour, literally.

So today, it's back to the getting-used-to-school stage. I was quite serious in thinking whether I would actually enjoy the next term. But maybe, the very things that happened during Christmas break was enough to tell me that it did. The hundreds of text messages I sent. The stuff I decided to lash out, let go, and keep in. The things I almost didn't consider, but now I've looked at and appreciated. The freaky things I've done, weirdly. The mere fact that I finished a blog layout (but I still have to work on Clarence's). The fact that Caresse must've freaked out on that one as well (considering her latest post).

Maybe I would enjoy the next term, after all. Only I've got to get used to riding the bus again.

In a week, I'm growing a year older, and as much as I've foregone any expectation of a huge surprise (or any greeting, for that matter), I think some thing have to be faced alone. The fact that support actually exists, it seems, is now enough to keep me going.

Shucks. I really have to go to school.

I just saw Nico's reply to one of my Multiply albums. I'm laughing a lot harder inside for some extraordinary reason. But maybe I shouldn't.

And your responses...

Back to school tomorrow. Back to stress. Back to waiting for the damn train. Back to attaching 1x1 ID pictures for the index cards.. Hahahha. Oh my. Hapon pa rin ang gising ko. I wonder how I will wake up tomorrow morning. Harhar.

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