She talks to trees

It almost became me and Ale. Almost, but not quite.

Now, before you get out of this PC, get a paddle and hit me in the head, I was talking about our Filipino 1 video, due in two weeks. Again, Jason pulled off another plot, and I was supposed to play the slave who conspires to kill the prince. Many reason, but apparently (as Jason wanted it to be) me and Ale would apparently be secret lovers.

Imagine both of us not imagining really well how things would go out. She even asked me not to be offended, but she just doesn't know where to pull that emotion off, apparently. For me, I am wondering deeply if I would ever feel awkward.

That in itself is awkward.

Jason pulled out that aspect, however, as my role and his have been switched. So I'll now play the king, and he plays that slave-who-kills-the-prince guy. The reason? I supposedly look older.

I was offended, yes. Deeply offended, probably - but what can I do? I don't usually stand up for what I think should be. I've internalized my oddly-positioned role the moment I got that confirmation. Maybe I found myself challenged (in a negative way?) or I'm too lazy to do things again, but anyway. But me looking older? Bleep, bleep, bleep.

Never mind. It just seems we just love trees a lot, don't we?

In other issues, it seems that Infest thing both Ariane and Kizia were trotting in recent hours have taken over some aspects of me. I'll buy tickets, yes - who wouldn't want to win stuff anyway? - but from whom, remains a question. One ticket na lang each kaya? Just to keep things a bit fair. Obviously I'm stuck with what to write.

Oh, me and Clarence finally chatted about something else last night, but not until I got unceremoniously disconnected. Ouch, but I stood up late last night to get Dead Stars in order. I slept at one this morning.

And now I'm confused. Much more confused.

And your responses...

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