So slowly for those who wait

One thing I don't like about my schedule today is the mere fact that we don't have Literature 1 class (or so I think). Since today's day one of the Business and Economics Conference, holding classes in CBE, when almost everybody is out attending the talks, doesn't seem to be practical. For the handful of us who are from other colleges, simply said - a free cut. But it still feels weird, though.

I'm a bit nervous today, not because we're going swimming - the fact that I know someone there is enough comfort - but because of what's going to happen after that. I've been so cold the past few hours, since my classes for today were held at two of Miguel's "freezers". And, I am wearing shorts. Despite me wearing a black shirt to counter the freezing temperatures, nothing happens. I'm still tough cold.

Sociology class was funny, considering that the reading we had to summarize turned out to be some rip-off all along. But that was Miss Go's very point. Turns out the anthropologist writing was describing the Americans all along. Me and Abigail, my seatmate to the right, were raising our hands trying to recite (we didn't know back then), but we answered a lot already. We weren't being called. Nag-uusap na lang kami tuloy. I was still freezing back then - it isn't nice having a seat in the front row direct in the aircon's path. I went out and was happy to feel some warmth again.

But we're going swimming. So what am I nervous about anyway?

On other totally random stuff, I finally got to tell Clarence about stuff last Wednesday, just as we were leaving the Old Spaghetti House. Finally, but she still hasn't got cellphone credit. And I honestly don't think we could chat tomorrow.

Afterwards, I was curious whether Jino and I could go home together, but apparently he was accompanying Ale home. Aww, sweet (as usual).

Then last night Clarence replied to my offline message. Would rather not elaborate, obviously.

And then, the new couple was together again, as I got my Sociology book from Jino. I forgot to get it from him. Or I was too distracted about getting so cold in M314.

I'm hearing voices in my head. Oh, it's just Franz Ferdinand on the radio. Maybe I should go home early today, to get some rest, but not after I buy my ticket to the PNPRS lecture tomorrow. I would make it, yes, but the traffic should cooperate. And, I should buy lunch at six in the morning. Good thing Wendy's is open twenty-four hours, but some say the branch near the campus isn't any good. And I barley eat at Wendy's to the point that it's become an adventure for me.

I still have one-and-a-half hours before I can go to the sports complex?

Man, this day is going to be really long.

And your responses...

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