Through sweet beginnings and bitter endings

Second CWTS session for the term, and it's been seen, technically, as a very critical one. It's the time when we get our details concrete, ourselves turned over to the area coordinators (in our case, the Children's Rehabilitation Center) and, to some extent, our classmates take the plunge to oblivion.

Well, not exactly. But in my case, probably it is.

I arrived a bit late today, at around half past noon, but probably for some it is still early. Even Marcia, who arrived early, was surprised that she did arrive early (she was, in fact, the first to arrive for the party animals). She is really committed to winning those ringside tickets to next month's WWE Raw tour (those tickets sell for ten thousand pesos, but she says there are still those exclusive tickets that sell for two thousand more), to the extent that she has had her line, apparently, shut down again. That's something for commitment. Besides, if you're to pass up an opportunity to see John Cena...

It was really hectic, really. The somewhat stressful environment produced by the committee heads standing up and suggessting, coordinators answering back, and common students (like me) giving suggestions, plus the noise produced by those partly (I wish) uninterested, didn't help. That, considering the water in the fourth floor fountain was not warm; it was hot. Not boiling, really, but hot still. Not relaxing at all.

But we finally had some details straight. We're to be, so to speak, really flexible in teaching and keeping our tutees interested. That's a pretty big thing to do. It's so complicated just for us, I even forgot about some other things. But we're officially on our own now - well, not exactly - so I've gotta remember all of those.

Before we ended, we had the trust fall, and our overexcitement (and, for the others, cluelessness) had Sudoy and Malia doing the jump. Now, hindi ipagkakaila na mabibigat silang tao, so it was a challenge, albeit a really playful one. Both of them, one at a time, were standing in the teacher's desk and had to fall with us catching them. We were so excited, somehow. The party animals endorsed Sudoy's participation, and (seriously) Ariane's snaps showed a lot of open mouths going aaaaaaah! while Sudoy made the backward-oriented plunge. And then Malia did hers. And then it was all chaotic. We were, simply said, out of control.

Well, that was probably all of the details you really need to know. Aside from me seeing Icka, probably.

Ariane, what was that thing again I was supposed to tell Kizia earlier before class started?

Oh, and Clarence, with your haircut and all that later, I still have got to tell you about that thing I texted you last night. Or maybe I'll pull back the thought. Hmm.

By the way, long-lost almost-blockmate Michelle can be found at http://erbunbum.blogspot.com. There, I plugged your blog. Let the visitors come.

And your responses...

Ay! We had our trust fall the week before last week. Hahaha. :D Lahat kami we're supposed to fall. Yung stone benches dun sa 4th floor. But sympre, ayaw ko. ahahha.

I wanna watch the Raw Tour too. PEro wala si Mama dito sa Manila sa date na yun. Haha. Malas niya.

Grabe, chaos yung CWTS namin yesterday. Even I was pissed off. Haha.

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