To her, to him and back

Tell me a good story. I think I would, but maybe not quite.

Last night I was chatting with Clarence. Lucky me got the (weirdly unintended) cue after 6cyclemind began playing on my PC. It was even her favorite Biglaan. Then we talked about the usual things once again. My side of the story, then her side of the story, then it goes back to the usual things. I've found a reason to catch up with her, and she has found a reason to catch up with me as well.
batallones_henrik_19: kung makapg-ipon.
batallones_henrik_19: at matutong mag-gift-wrap.
batallones_henrik_19: pero ewan ko lang kung matuloy.
batallones_henrik_19: sa wakas, getting-over-process na ako.
batallones_henrik_19: :)
clrnce_dude: getting-over?
batallones_henrik_19: getting-over.
batallones_henrik_19: labo no?
Then I had a much longer explanation for everything.
clrnce_dude: di mo na ba xa maxadong hinahanap?
batallones_henrik_19: alam mo kanina?
batallones_henrik_19: lakad ako ng lakad bago kami mag-filipi.
batallones_henrik_19: iniiwasan kong dumaan sa corridor papuntang m308. lagi sa may m320 side.
batallones_henrik_19: nung 12.50? oo, weirdly, iniiwasan ko siya.
batallones_henrik_19: siguro ganon na nga.
batallones_henrik_19: natuto ako sa sinabi ko kay ariane nung isang araw. 2wks ago ata.
clrnce_dude: iniwasan mo on purpose?
batallones_henrik_19: on purpose. exactly.
So that was it. However bad the term avoiding someone sounded, it think that was the best explanation I could provide.

That was possibly the only highlight of our hour-long chat last night. Everything else came from her. But it did feel good to have these things spilled over after holding these things for a long time. One thing: getting over is hard. But I've done this a million times already, so why bother about thing one?

However, it seems, it's gone back to something similar to what happened last time. You know, the feeling that whatever you do wouldn't work? Well, I thought it wouldn't happen again, since I thought I've learned my lessons and all that. I thought I would be wise enough not to do these stupid things again, but I guess, as Clarence said, it isn't my fault anyway.

Today, nothing much again. I just was happy to be second highest in my Sociology quiz (darn that half-point), to have received four stickers for Literature 1 class, and to have survived Philosophy class yet again. In fact, I'm happy my newfound friends have eased the change process. Me and Abigail, again, tinkered with the scores and were talking about the possibility of dragons being presented during Chinese New Year (if you would call that a conversation). Me and Eena, my seatmate in Literature 1 class (and another fellow CLA student, although I doubt if she's a frosh as well), exchanged something I didn't expect to say.

"I'm losing my vioice," she said, since she was doing a reading for the class.

"You don't sound like it," I said. Then probably the wittiest line I ever launched. "You still sound sexy anyway."


I had lunch today with Huey, Lau, Kim, Ale and Jino. Kim had this tuna-olive oil-calamansi sandwich, and I had one-and-a-half cups of mashed potatoes, since Lau offered hers; she couldn't take it anymore. The new couple shared lunch (packed at that), while the three of us who bought at Kenny Rogers' had different chicken parts, different muffins, and different kinds of rice - and a common mashed potato, with gravy on top. Poor potato.

I also found out that Ale did study from SBCA (the same school where Huey, Isah, Regine, Angela and a lot others came from, not to mention me for three months), but only for her pre-school years. Huey showed me a class photo and I thought all along it was him he was pointing to. Now I can say my southern Metro Manila connections, concerning Ale at least, wouldn't be constrained to the fact that she and Geo are second cousins.

Right now, I'm chatting again with Michelle after I gave her a blog title I didn't expect her to like. I'm amazed, somehow.

I'll end this post with something from last night, again.
clrnce_dude: bbye na for sure na to
clrnce_dude: hahahahha
batallones_henrik_19: tulog na nga tayo!
batallones_henrik_19: magkaload ka na nga! :p
clrnce_dude: nagbblink na ang lights
clrnce_dude: hahahah
batallones_henrik_19: hehe. hehe
batallones_henrik_19: oo nga, clarence. (tag).
batallones_henrik_19: nytnyt! labyu as usual! :()
batallones_henrik_19: wait! mali ang napindot ko!
batallones_henrik_19: sorry! :))
batallones_henrik_19: actually, puwede din yung sad face
clrnce_dude: hahahha
clrnce_dude: bbye!!
batallones_henrik_19: haha
clrnce_dude: n_n
batallones_henrik_19: :)
I didn't end up staying up distracted after that, though. I fell asleep like a lamp snapped off quickly. Maybe (for you, that is), you really have to tell him whatever you have to tell him. As for me, maybe I've gotta stop making a big deal out of my getting over her, if you should call it as such.

It isn't any closer, even. I found myself admitting minutes later that I'm still not quite close.

Maybe I've gotta remember you're not really into looking for these things. But then again, it isn't any sign of your immaturity. Sociology has taught me that cultures do differ, and all along I've been a victim of culture shock.

I was looking closely, and then I got it somehow. Almost there, again, but not quite.

Should I pull out this entire post altogether? Just to keep myself out of distractions...

And your responses...

Getting-over-stage huh? That's hard. :) But that's also good, cause you're starting to accept things now. :)

Good for you Niko. ;)
I'll be here when you need help. :D

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