All the odd aspects in perspective

If not the weirdest thing, then probably nothing would attract my interest much. Well, it all seemed perfunctory today, despite the few odd details, if there were any.

Today was Malia's birthday, and so came the usual big card from the BonoSoc with the usual signatures. The only odd thing out of it, though, was that she didn't want cake (apparently, according to Lau), so when they came into the room, they had the card and a pack of hotcakes. A lighter worked as the candle, and Malia was all smiles, if not for the novelty of the alternatives presented. Oh, and she had that kiss mark on the cheek from Steph. Just a little detail you shouldn't take negatively, I guess.

Before that, nothing much really happened in both of my Biology classes. In lab class we watched a first aid video that didn't really help much (all they probably did was ask us to call 911 and refer to a first aid manual that we couldn't possibly acquire) and get some more photocopies. In lecture class, we were dismissed a half-hour earlier since the video tape wouldn't work. Now, if you remember that use cleaning casette message before, well, that was it.

Before Filipino 1 class, I went with Jason and AK to the Chamber Ensemble office and talked about (another) edit to the plot. AK somehow kept on referring to me as someone named JC among those inside the room. I, however, wasn't as alert as I'm supposed to be, and just until I spotted mistake number two did I tell her about it. She didn't know where that came from.

Then in Filipino 1 class, we learned a lot about euphemisms, only almost all of them referred to sexual stuff. It was funny, and even partly clueless Sir Vin was blushing. However, Jason and Ale, please include me in the list of the people possibly annoyed at the few aspects. It just didn't fit. And now I've got a much bigger reason to be such.

We had out first Psychology long quiz, and after having studied for less than twenty-four hours and cramming every other detail in the early minutes of the day, I end up getting surprised. It was not just easy; it was quick. It took me twenty minutes (along with Jom and Les) to finish the whole thing and get away from the room. Also we were apparently used as survey respondents, and I figured I should help in the department's research. The whole thing was about online friends.

Also, the latest installment of psychological amazement, courtesy of Miss Calleja: I didn't notice the typographical error in the test paper - choices of A, B, A and B - because my mind, somehow, got used to thinking it isn't. It's natural, and it isn't bad.

Finally, though, I've uploaded photos from Saturday. They're up on Fifth Year Holler, by the way. (Question to Caresse: does Ofoto or Flickr provide photo hosting that I can use on the blog?) It took me four days to finish this, all because of a stupid USB drive malfucntion - but I shouldn't whine, then.

Weirdly, I don't feel like uploading many photos on the blog. Or maybe because Photobucket is acting up on me, or maybe it's because of me getting that album to almost past capacity. At least it isn't much of a stupid decision anymore.

I saw Caresse do her speech (recorded of course), I almsot surprised Ariane, and I am still puzzled as to why Mary apologized to me two nights ago. And, somehow, I'm getting used to see Kitchie Nadal every time Psychology class is about to begin. Last time I remember she was wearing a black jacket.

But I'm not a stalker, mind you. If I'll stalk somebody then it might be somebody else.

And your responses...

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