Another needlessly exhaustive story

It's not that it's the first time for everybody to step into the UP Diliman campus, but one couldn't help at the hugeness of the area. The number of trees, for instance - it seems we badly need trees in our own campus. As we wait to enter an extremely crowded UP Theater, from left: Huey, Jessica and Kim.

So there we were, watching the three plays we were asked to watch for our respective classes - in my case, Literature 1 class; for the others, their Filipino 1 class; and for Ale, well, she decided to join in. After CWTS tutorials (and leaving fifteen minutes late again, this time, because of Ariane) in the middle of slight drizzles, we immediately took off for deeper inside Quezon City. First stop, of course, is lunch, and me and Jessica - almost initiates - were dragged into the BonoSoc tradition that is, Saturday lunch at Kalye Juan (along Tomas Morato). Oh, right - the food was great, and despite spending almost two grand on three orders of laing, two orders of crispy pata and two orders of deep-fried pig's ears - and despite the headaches among a few - it was still (around) an hour of fun, food and, for some, cigarettes. I remember Malia so suddenly.

As everyone seemed to agree on, if Huey's eating with you, you haven't got anything to worry about. I'm not saying, though, that he ate all the leftovers, but... isn't it what he basically did?

Enjoy, di ba?

Afterwards we trotted off again, this time to the UP Diliman campus, on taxi (but not after attempting to drop by Half Moon, without realizing it's still closed). Since Cuyeg went back home for a while, and the others decided to split up between taxis, I went with Ale and Sara to the campus. And, again, we went past the area again, and at the back of my head I was thinking I knew where to go - and there it was again. (But no one made a big thing out of it, obviously.) We decided to pass by one gate and realized it was closed, and then took a one-eighty along Commonwealth and ended up paying a hundred bucks for the ride. (That one I paid.) We ended up arriving first at the UP Theater, since Huey also got lost somehow.

The theater was crowded. It seemed like we've been to DLSU again, since a handful (or should we call it that?) of other classes asked their students to go there. Also, there were those guys from UST, and you can call that an extremely crowded theater. After settling for seats - along with me were Kim, Jaja, Jessica, Ale, Lau, Malia, Jill, Huey, Dhi, Kaymee, Jackie, Joy and Cuyeg - did I forget anybody? - the performances began, but not after I saw much more people (greeting Abigail and Anne from Sociology class, as well as sighting Denisse from the same class as well as Eena from Literature 1 class), and the funny-sounding chimes that went ding-ding-ding, ding-ding-ding, ding-ding-ding...

And then the plays were breathtakingly amazing, especially the intermission, Iskolar ng Bayan - full of clever quips against the creaking state college facilities, the medical exams, the merciless teachers, and the thigns apparently missing from us at DLSU and UST.

They point to their heads, and then point up. "UP Theater!" Cheers among the audience.

Then we went home, but not after a lot of people and a lot more sightings. I was shivering a bit back then. I had to go home by myself, and after riding a bus (lucky us) that went directly to Taft Avenue from Commonwealth, we almost ended up sleeping. Well, not really, but we were dead tired. And, due to that really long day, I ended up spending almost my entire lunch money for two days. I was left with ninety bucks.

But all for that adventure? Why not?

Today, though, things are going pretty, weirdly, well. Not after me getting hyperactive over Caresse, though, over lunch, as well as getting bored (but still hyperactive) over Literature 1 class, and me and Jackie working things over for our Sociology surveys. Finally, we found those who filled in ranges and attempted to make our lives much harder.

Two more things: Jill has officially taken Jason's title as the person with most photos on Fifth Year Holler. (Let me post this, just for proof.)

Jill officially takes over the camera - but this one's, err, a much more welcome development. From left, as the plays ended and the people began to leave: Sara, Jill, Lau and Ale.

And, as Ale requested for - but I guess this is two days late:

Ale decided to buy a ticket from Huey, and he decided to whip off a little surprise: ticket number 2018, coinciding with the celebration of one month between her and Jino. And, yes, after two mushy posts from the two on that day, she (before that) had me take a picture of this, with the realization that the stubs have to be torn off.

All that, and I end up getting really tired. But I guess that's the purpose of me going to school at 13.00 tomorrow. Rest.

And your responses...

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