Dead neurons

I'm listening to Dick Gordon on the radio right now. Ooooh, probably the only time we do get on special mention on BBC Radio Five Live is when we suffer some kind of disaster - in this case, the huge mudslide somewhere in Leyte - but still I never would have suspected one of our senators talking on British radio. I thought he was a correspondent - I simply heard Nicky Campbell call him "Richard".

But if you take a listen on medium wave radio in Manila (err, AM radio), you hear the presenters call them "mister Senator" or something to that effect. Well, I'm not saying that our politicians don't deserve any respect, but it's just a point worth mentioning.

Again, I find myself without much to say. Things have been frantic the past few days, not just from here, but everywhere else. Even Katia, who's promised me a (supposedly long) email on the past few days, is down with final examinations, theses (or maybe just one), and working at a call center. We've chatted a few times already, and it seems she's kept on mentioning her "losing brain cells" (she didn't say it that way, but I guess that's what she said), and somehow I find myself in her shoes. I suddenly don't want to wake up anymore.

Suddenly mornings have become the most dragging time of the day. I always sleep (but not oversleep) on the commute to school. I always end up walking groggily towards South Gate, but still never hesitating to get out my ID upon scanning. Despite the supposed excitement of the past week, I end up sleeping less hours than I actually need. I'm becoming, so to speak, more of a normal college student - probably one that's sleepless and full of despair, one way or another.

Well, at least something ends up sparking my positivity, although in little increments, these past few days. I got a pretty good grade in my Philosophy 2 midterms. I survived my Literature 1 recitation, with not much opposition but Eena seemingly doing most of the talking (which is, somehow, a good thing for I never got to humiliate myself). And, I think I probably got a 2.5 in my PE midterms - but that's better than a 2.0, or a 1.0 for that matter. So, Ariane, we're not any closer to swimming morons - the fact that we made it this far means something.

Wheeeew. That's a mouthful for someone who's got nothing much to say, supposedly.

Tomorrow, it's another batch of CWTS tutorials, and if I've confirmed it correctly we're all staying an extra hour (but I still don't know why). And, after that, I'll be going back to UP for those plays, and I think some blockmates are also going for their own reasons. And, if I really have to mention this, it's been a month since this happened...

And, I wish those in the Philippines are included in this thing. It sound irresistible. Ten 60GB iPods. Think about it.

My neurons are dying and I don't get myself at all.

If anybody's out there to save me. Are you willing?

And your responses...

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