Definitely lacking inspiration

I'm not gonna talk much about today, though. Maybe my chances are becoming too distant again.

Finally, I can upload photos from Saturday on the blog. I thought Photobucket was acting up last night, and I'm still looking for an alternative to having Blogger host my photos - it's ruining the entire photo, though, so never mind, just find me a server...

We're leaving, fianlly, fifteen minutes behind schedule. That's Sars' hands flashing two fingers right there. Also in the photo, fron left: Ariane, Kizia, Clarence, Jana, Jason, Huey and Derek.

Ale, Caresse, Steph and Toni just had their picture taken. Then Huey and Cuyeg came up to me and asked me to shoot this. Cuyeg's got such - should I say it? - googly-eyes!

Nice, my back has been used for everything else except for leaning on walls. But maybe it's because I'm a tall guy - who knows?

That kid - Ale just gave her a name, at least on Fifth Year Holler - apparently it's Churee, or so she thought. Anyway, I've gotta prove Jaja loved the kid so much she had around six photos with her. I wonder what happens tomorrow.

Finally going home, we play with the camera (or at least I did) and they ate some chips, apparently brought from within. I thought it was a mix of pre-manufacutred stuff, but Marcia thought it was cassava chips added with cheese powder.

Yeah, that seems to be the only point of this post. Well, not exactly, but recently inspiration hasn't hit me like before. It seems that I just feel compelled to write and write, without anything in mind. Err, I do have something but it simply disappears whenever I finally sit in front of the monitor. I'm losing it, probably. days without enough sleep is killing me, probably.

All that I did last night, probably, was to relax after going through two tests in two days, but we've got a lot more going for Filipino 1 class next week.

Les isn't showing up yet so that I can return that Magic 89.9 CD.

I might have Jackie for a groupmate in Sociology class, but only because it's the only obvious choice. Well, aside from (probably preoccupied) MC and (missing in action today) Abigail, but...

Literature 1 class? I've still got a lot of questions. Both me and (sudden partner in crime?) Eena have those queries burning - or maybe only I do.

Weirdly, I'm anxious for PE class. or it may be because I've got a long break before that.

I finally bought two tickets from Ariane, and it's set - not from anybody else anymore. Ang tagal ninyo kasing magpakita ng may hawak na tickets, eh.

Ale, you didn't have to reiterate it - I get it. Things can indeed be complicated sometimes, though.

Mary, I still don't understand why you thought I felt bad against you one time. Nothing happened, trust me. I don't even get it.

Ironic, isn't it?

Well, obviously I haven't got much today. I've thrown too many one-liners, which technically means I've got my thought bubbles dried up. My chances have indeed gone distant, and all I want is to rest and wait for tomorrow to come.

Maybe they'll fill up next month?

Let's see then. But not after I make this a two-liner.

And your responses...

hi sorry for buggin'. i'm not quite sure if i understood the first portion of your post [due to sleep deprivation perhaps] but were you tryin to find another image hosting site? you could give buzznet.com a try. :)

and by the way, what cam are you using? seems really nice.

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