Double the rocking, but none of the buzzing

Kudos to the Fast 2005 Batch Assembly for putting together a great show.

Kudos to the bands for rocking our afternoons despite the rain. (Well, they enjoyed the rain even if we didn't.)

Most importantly, kudos to us for endlessly waving, bugging, and asking autographs at the performers. But that's what we're supposed to do anyway.

Sigaw, finally pushing through after a week's cancellation (who would've wanted a rock concert while Brother Andrew Gonzales was lying in state at the MBS Chapel?), obviously did enough rocking to keep my voice down, my energy down as well - but, despite the rain, which almost interrupted Kala's and Pitik's performances, those who watched were still in full force. Ian Marasigan's band (couldn't remember the name, but I heard it somewhere) started off the show, and then Pitik came in and Jill began waving like the usual groupie stuff they do (or is it the usual groupie stuff?). This band, apparently big in the south (according to Les), planted a good impression on me. Really rocking band.

As for Kala, well, I've heard them (and their song Piso-Pisong Paraiso) on NU 107 (if anybody's curious, I've practically switched to that station) and their live performance was great as well. Their cover of Rock Baby Rock really was groovy (and even the others were dancing along), full of jazzy, trip-hoppy sounds and everything else, probably.

And, I have their CD. An autographed CD.

Urbandub? Six songs, really rocking set. And, like my cousin, I've got autographs, and around five photos as well. I'm not in any of them, though. Now I'm persuaded to buy album number three, Embrace. And I was in front row again, at the sidelines with the members of the batch assembly (without rubbing elbows, though).

Aside from the concert, though, it was Sara's birthday, and she was even greeted on the show (by Les), and got greetings from some of the Kala members. And, as usual, there was this huge birthday card (err, Valentine's card), complete with two photos of guys I don't even know.

Almost everybody else have more decent autographs than I do. But, stop the self-degaradation, Niko.

And, as an afterthought, let's get back to business.

Finally, photos from Sunday are posted at Fifth Year Holler (and, for those who haven't caught my disclaimer, it's my Multiply site), and I reckon it's pretty weird and amazing at the same time. As for today's photos, I doubt if I can post them immediately, though. But I know I've got nice photos, as usual. Of course, it's me who took them. If only I charged the batteries earlier, though.

Ale, Kat and tyne wait for us to start working for the video. This was after Jason forgot to ask the jeepney driver to stop at the Oblation. Then we walked quite a distance.

In the middle of shooting, with Jason on the video camera and Kat, Tyne and Miko playing out their little scene.

As that happens, Ale is left alone at our little tree we called home for the six hours we stayed there. Well, not exactly alone...

And, finally, we're going home. Thank god we are. If anyone's curious about how nice the LRT2 stations are, here's a look at inside the Katipunan station. Yes, underground stations exist in the Philippines.

Despite the concert, another song is stuck in my head. You're the funny little frog in my doorway...

Please, not again. I've had too many epiphanies the past week.

And your responses...

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