Everything's an excuse for something

No way there aren't any classes today. I woke up at six in the morning - technically an hour late - by myself, and upon realizing that I thought something was wrong. Just the night before I confirmed my siblings are getting grounded at home again. And then, this - we haven't got classes. The very thing me and my uncle were fantasizing about last night, like it was some elusive butterfly - it has come to rest on our palms. Again. So, like last Friday, I've got no midterms to worry about, no novel reading, no sightings, no philosophical inquiries, and no lunch buddies to eat with. Well, I've got my siblings, but it's still different, admittedly.

So, like before, nothing much happened. Only a standoff between members of the Marines happened throughout the night, which caused another wave of class cancellations (and possibly a lot more paranoia) and a lot more idle time. To think I sacrificed listening to The Selector last night just to get enough sleep, only to realize I didn't really need it then.

So, aside from the usual vacation antics, there's been nothing much. I guess this makes catching up with old blockmates much more fun. Ariane is online and I'm chatting with her yet again, as well as Jason, who posted something on his blog after months. Surely me and Jenn are celebrating?

I'm practically clueless about what to write today. I guess that's why I hate sudden, barely announced vacations so suddenly. Maybe I could go on about our documentary project for Filipino 1 class, or about Katia finally getting too much sleep (or is it enough?), or about the things I would be expecting for tomorrow. Like another vacation hangover, but maybe it isn't the case for everyone - I miss going to school so suddenly - but I think some are enjoying it, like Caresse, probably, who apparently doesn't like swimming class anymore (and it falls on a Monday).

Temporarily, though. Think about it.

So, before I make another excuse for lengthening this post, I'll cut my thoughts off. Oh, and Katia? That attachment? It tugs whatever it is.

Jason wants me and Miko to be some experiment's test subjects - on prostitution. I guess this is something to look forward for, weirdly.

And your responses...

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