Fresh artificial flowers, anyone?

No time's ever too late. For once, please don't let your assumptions get ahead.

Again, I face the I haven't got anything to post today situation. Look, I guess there's been nothing new to post that I guess wouldn't offend anybody, but that's another point that I shouldn't worry much about. Last night I was thinking about stuff (again) since I had the chance to really stay up late at night, and then I was thinking about the apparent death threats I was getting. Little did I know I was already starting a controversy on my own. Part of me is shrugging it off as a joke, but somehow I got amazed, if not entertained. But maybe it isn't any laughing matter.

I was chatting with Jino last night, through a really finicky dial-up connection, and I somehow got the cue that Huey has been involved in the pitch as well. Oh why, oh why, oh why me?

Today, after a funny Filipino 1 report (really creative and really, err, pop-cultured) that had me not looking due to the mere fact that it's a video, and the fact that I'm tall and some couldn't see, I'm at the same spot again. Somehow Miss Calleja didn't show up for Psychology class, and I don't even remember her telling us anything about another free cut, like the late announcement last time. In the middle of me being slowly annoyed by Jom (again), plus me talking to Tini for the first time, and talking to groupmates Kim, Mina and Ina on our video project, I was wanting to go home. Maybe it's because I slept too much today and never got to recover.

Before all that, though, I was with Tracy, Jason and new friend Gabby. Is it another lunch group on the horizon? I've been with them last Thursday, and now I'm talking to them again. I would presume there's something about Jason again - bad thought there. But Gabby did show up on Filipino 1 class, as a sit-in, as everybody laughed over the Mafe making a fool of herself on the outtake reel.

Last night, me and Katia chatted again, about the same things, and the same issues we've been throwing at each other. She's throwing me thought bubbles again, but at least I got to sleep last night. Or maybe, I'm just too sleepy. Maybe I should wait for her next monologue, but not after she gets through that big marketing exhibit she's told me about.

Get me tangled, but it seems I haven't got much to do. Idleness has become too much of an excuse.

What happened to our little goal, then?

As both of us had agreed on, it's getting pretty impossible to reach.

And your responses...

what's up with those death threats dude? haha.. careful careful. =P

Blogger My Pink Office2/22/2006     

hello,dumadaan lang. seryoso death threats? o literary expression lang yun? nakakaexcite naman kung totoo.

Blogger jav2/22/2006     

i'm done with the marketing exhibit--so happy about it. we won! :) will blog about this sometime in the weekend. I've just finished my Humanities "Awards Night" presentation and the last big thing would be on Friday: Thesis defense.

Will send monologue if i have time later at work.. Which I think would be a bit impossible. Will try though.

Life is waiting.

Blogger Katia2/22/2006     

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