Just because it's short and I'm stuck

Nothing to blog, nothing to blog. It's been the same old, same old.

Well, maybe there's the Philosophy 2 midterm exam. Then there's the Sociology surveys. Then there's Eena almost not showing up, leaving me rattling in the case I get called, and then she comes, we fix stuff and we aren't called. Then, obviously, there's lunch, and Sara sharing with my fries, then there's Marc Abaya again, and then there's Ale wanting a photo.

And then, there's me not wanting to wake up, and me not wanting to study for the exam (although I really have to), and me coming in this place with a lot of sweat.

And then, there's this little realization that all I wanted is, still, a close friend (or more), but that's another story.

Maybe I should stop blogging daily, especially when inspiration doesn't strike my fancy? Or, the only possible explanation is that my mind has stopped being hyperactive again (but not my body, obviously). Ironically, though, it doesn't necessarily mean me getting away with some things. The obvious lesson is, simply said, don't rub it in, too much. You might as well run away and make things worse.

Oh, and Ale? Kilala mo siya? How freaky. I saw my elementary crush on the way home last night.

And your responses...

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