Lights should as well guide me home

This is ridiculously fun, Ale. Really.

Take your name, put it in quotes and add the word needs in the end, and give yourself a Google search. And this is what came up.

"Niko needs to make sure that the drummer can see the bass player and they can see the guitar player and see the singer." Well, duh, but I work as a radio presenter. But that works as well, if I would be someone like Steve Lamacq.

"That is all Niko needs to hear. He orders another drink and settles into a dark corner for the evening, thanking me for the information." I wish I did know more information.

"Susan sorry to hear Niko needs hearing aids..." This spookily applies.

"...we know Niko needs to get into shape, let's just stop making fun of him..." Only because, apparently, "he's still a great talent".

"I feel like Niko needs another comment from me." This reminds me of Nico and Cor because, well - take a look at the page.

"Niko wants beautiful Lauren here right now... Niko needs Lauren here right now..."What would Kim think of this, Lau who apparently left me in the middle of Lovapalooza, us single people?

"Niko needs to decide what he wants here." Katia, you are soooo right.

"Niko needs some advice for Christmas gift shopping..." Well, Christmas gifts they're not. Birthday gifts, maybe?

"I think Niko needs someone to push him." Wait, isn't Ariane already doing this to me, we members of the without-a-landline club, as my unofficial cheerleader?

"Niko needs to gain some weight!" Ano ba talaga?

"...please come back as soon as you can, even if just for a day, Niko needs you..." Think about it.

"Niko's needs to loosen up and infuse as much spirit into all of its food as it does in its atmosphere." I guess they've figured out I'm hungry after all of the sandwiches I was forced to see.

"Maybe Niko needs a new theme to make him lie awake at night?" Do I?

"Niko needs to face the challenge..." Maybe I should.

"Niko needs to know why she is now gone." This refers to a dog, by the way.

I guess everyone else around the world knows about what I'm going through - and yes, this is coincidential - but think about it, deeper than usual. As they've all said, actions speak louder than words, right?

Nothing's helping much, I admit. I badly need cheerleaders.

And your responses...

Funny ha! ahahha. I tried that one too. Ang papanget ng lumabas. ahahha.

I'll post mine sometime :D

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