Love's too early in the morning

Like anyone actually noticed that I changed splash photos once again, but this time it's more thought out unlike before. I've told Jino, but definitely not Ale (not yet, but what can I do? It's already up), last night. I wonder how the reaction would be.

But I almost placed up there one of Jaja's photos, but I figured for myself I wouldn't want anybody (now or ever) staring at me as I visit my blog.

Speaking of which, I did see her with Huey today, which was surprising since I thought I wouldn't see them at around nine in the morning. Turns out they haven't got PE class (it's been cancelled for the day), and they, along with almost everybody else from the BonoSoc, had an incredibly long break to work with. Then Ale would toodle off with Jino, apparently to meet his parents. (Well, Huey mentioned that to me, and I've heard that from her twice within the weekend. Obviously I've been hearing stuff, but this is becoming as awkward as my slave role before Jason made me king.)

Aside from having a pretty hard time with one item in my Sociology quiz today, there was me throwing the grilling questions (I'm probably known for this, though, so better get ready?) during Literature 1 class for Mike and Eena. I don't know why, but I somehow felt like asking a lot of questions after being too involved in our groups own little effort (which didn't push through that quickly). Last night I was up online as Nikki was studying for suddenly-announced quizzes in almost all of her subjects for Thursday, and I did my stuff, as usual (but without Hector's nor Lei's stuff - weirdly). And I asked questions just when the two in front were having a hard time (but I was just curious, please!)

So I apologized jokingly to Eena, and she said she expected me to ask anyway. I was apparently itching to ask her those.

Right now, nothing much has apparently happened. Lunch with some of the BonoSoc (again, as usual, like every other Wednesday this term) at Red Ribbon, where Jill had that eyeliner working for her again, and more people showing up, like Nico trying to get my slice of honey cake. And Huey wanted badly to go home. And I want badly to go home as well, but as usual, I'm here wasting money I could have instead paid Ariane and Kizia for a couple of Infest coupons. (I promised Ariane that earlier.) That's forty bucks for me clinging on to hope that I get two thousand in return. But somehow I vividly remember Kizia telling me - in that style of hers, like before - that it is for a good cause. (I've heard that before on Jino's efforts last term, and I did shell out.)

Well, I still have to meet both of them tomorrow. Scan panic, here I come defying you.

It's February already, which means by the end of the week I would be reminiscing again about the term - but not after greeting Malia, getting over that Psychology long quiz (with missing notes), and facing both Biology classes again. But, if the rumor that there would be no classes tomorrow is true, then it's welcome news.

Where has this post went? Literally nowhere, but I hope it did make sense. Somehow I'm feeling a bit happy after finally hearing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on local radio.

I'll study, then. I'm lost for thoughts. This did go nowhere.

And your responses...

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