Molecular surprises

The sea I keep on looking at whenever I go to school, especially on those mornings when all that you want is retire and sleep? I was in the middle of it last night.

Just after finally getting to swim across one end of the pool to another without stopping (but only because it's the short side, it's a game, and we're at the shallower side of the pool), our Filipino 1 group - well, six of us, because Ale wasn't there - went to shoot the final part of the video. The day before, Jason and I found someone who's willing to have us rent a boat and shoot in it for five hundred bucks. We agreed to meet at five; we arrived a day later a half-hour late, because AK was shuttling around a million requests for instrumental loving at the Chamber Ensemble. Even Jay, the guy who's driving the boat, thought we weren't serious about the offer. (He later told me he was actually drunk when we gave him our terms.)

So, after struggling with commutes, costumes and getting down to the boat, it's time to ride off to the sea. It was unusual at the start: the water was splashing on us, obviously, and with three people not used to being surrounded with water down to unknown depths (me included), it seemed like someone was destined to throw up. Jay and his dad were even arguing over what to do; it seems the older boatman was also drunk (but not Jay that time) and wanted to do things as well. (As he said it, "para may kahati ako.") We even ended up chasing around a fishing boat before we could start shooting.

We finally started at 18.15, and it ended around an hour later (surprisingly), even after Miko was fumbling with his lines and kept on referring to Tyne instead of Kat, and even if Tyne accidentally threw the script into the water. Luckily, though, I had another copy. Jason was tilting around and seemed like he might fall off the boat. The winds were so strong Kat had her jacket's hood on. And AK? She kept on speaking in English.

But it wasn't all their catches, though. I had one thing that embarassed me a bit too much, because, unintendedly, things went on weirdly. Thanks to Tyne having a hard time climbing up, me trying to help and AK seeing a good video opportunity... go figure, or go watch our video on Valentine's day.

So we went home at around 20.00, and as me and AK passed by the reclamation area, she called my attention to the water. We just came there, and we don't have to wonder anymore. No more of the staring, I guess.

After watching predictable endings on television (yes, Sugo was that predictable - Miguel got the girl, Amante died, and the latter gets his son named after him) and getting around five hours of sleep, it was CWTS class again. I was technically late for assembly time, but I was still the first to arrive. At thirty past seven, only three have showed up - me, Jom and Clarence - and I was at wit's end. With ten people before you can get another jeep next week, how the heck are people supposed to show up? That, especially with Clarence telling me that Jana, Kizia and Mary aren't showing up for Lasallian Ambassadors duty, and all the others having some sentiment or another on teaching kids (jokingly or otherwise). I actually called Ariane up at 05.45 just to wake her up - she asked for it, but apparently she slept again and woke up at 06.30. That's better than, say, Marcia holding us up fifteen minutes as we waited for her to arrive. And I was getting impatient.

Well, my kids have begun disappearing, and I've adopted another one of Sars' kids as well as some of Derek's kids. And, in between subtraction, percentages and every other kid wanting a slot on my camera, it was, well, nice. As usual, the feeling of fulfillment and everything else, only that I am still sleepy by then.

In the end, though, I got my lunch - four cheese slices in the middle of four pieces of pandesal - and went to the PNPRS lecture. And I'm still sleepy, if not for Michele Myers of KEXP mentioning my name - and mentioning it correctly. No, seriously, she did.

"...hearing from Henrik from the Philippines..."

So, then, since it seems yesterday's thoughts didn't really get into words - Blogger was down just as I was posting my supposedly love month post - I guess there's nothing much left, then. I'll still work on CD covers, slide shows, and uploading photos.

Les? That frosh party's name sounds funny. Sariwa. But I wouldn't go ridicule, even if I couldn't go.

And Ale, about that photo? You just popped in there. Admittedly I didn't intend to show you there but instead it was about all of us doing stuff for Sara's birthday. (Probably Jino was the focus, even.) I do remember you calling Kim then. So, there. (I suddenly remember the way Miko scratches his head for his role in the film.)

Or maybe you're right. It could be because I took it. Niko, stop the drag-down...

...oh, wait, it was for something else. Stupid me. But still, stop the drag-down.

And your responses...

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