"No time for kidding anymore... this is work"

Let's just say nothing much happened today, aside from a yogurt spill inside my bag, me getting fifteen points off a practical test due to me not following my hunches, and rushing to get a VCD player for Psychology class. And then, there's Miss Calleja asking me about what I felt about my classmates teasing me. I was extraordinarily hyperactive today, I admit, but somehow it didn't matter. Was I too happy? I guess so.

All that, after I lost sleep over studying for that midterm examination, as well as getting home late due to my attendance of Litekal. I should try to fix my schedule.

I confirmed that we won't have CWTS class on Saturday, due to the special non-working holiday President Arroyo announced yesterday. That means, we won't have any tutorials for two weeks. Isn't that nice? I couldn't confirm, however, if all classes (within the CLA, probably) beyond noon would be cancelled. Supposedly, today's our college day, and in the past there would be no classes. And then this. I would personally bring my swimming attire, still, just to be sure - but if that's true, then wouldn't it be a bit boring, the next eight hours, waiting for Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah to begin? The showing's at 20.00 and apparently ends three hours later, according to Sudoy. So, count tomorrow as my longest day yet.

All my support to Jaja, as she plans to run for this year's General Elections. Here's me wishing you throw your support as well.

And, I might as well become her unofficial campaign officer.

And your responses...

You were extra-hyper yesterday! Hahahah. Nagugulat nga ako sayo eh. Hahaha.

Thanks for the help yesterday ah.

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