Posting point blank

The usual things Jill gets: a photo with somebody from a band. In this case, it's JP from Kala (if I got it right).

So, again, what happened today?

Again, nothing much. I'm just here posting photos from yesterday. It's been boring - with all the bandaging, note-taking and meeting I've done today, I guess it's all become unexciting.

I took photos of the bands, and this is the first time I've personally done so (those photos of Parokya ni Edgar on Dhi's phone haven't showed up again), so please bear with me.

Now I remember the name of Ian Marasigan's little band, where he plays lead guitar: Silip. Thanks, Tracy!

Pitik was the little rocker of the show; apparently big in the south, this is probably their first up here. But I better stop trying to become an expert.

Kala is this little groover on yesterday's show, complete with a dancing-in-the-rain act.. Their CD is amazing; if you find one, you should buy it. I tell you.

Possibly my favorite photo of the day, because bassist Lalay's pose was, well, a bit dramatic. Future blog layout?

The photos are up now on Fifth Year Holler, and more are available on Les' Multiply site. Of course, she was with the bands at The Venue for lunch. How must've it felt? I wonder.

Well, since I haven't got much to tell - except probably for my chat with Katia, which is material for a different entry altogether - and I still have to go to Psychology class and to location-searching later in the day, I bid you adieu (again). But not after another photo.

Whose shoes are they? Simple question, if you know where to look.

I'll enjoy setting up my new GMail account, also thanks to Katia. But I haven't got much time for today, I presume.

And your responses...

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