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I'm not supposed to blog today. I know that. However, Psychology class wasn't pushing through today, and even Miss Calleja forgot to mention that last Thursday. So, premature, unintended blogging. But I'd rather release my ideas now than keep them all in my head.

Before we ended Biology class, AK came in our classroom. Now, she isn't my classmate in that class, but she still came in - with five other people, and a violin. The Chamber Ensemble has decided to attack.

Apparently it was decidated to Mina (who is also my classmate in Psychology and PE class), and it seemed that someone liked her to the extent of having this done. However, isn't it too early? One week before Valentine's and then she got a little orchestral piece of Himala - the same version performed during LPEP - performed to the awe of those in the classroom. But before that AK whipped out her phone and announced the dedication.

"Carmina Untalan?" she asked, then Mina just was surprised from her seat at the back. Then the dedication came. I couldn't remember the words well, though, but it was weirdly mushy. "You make me melt, you make me sweat," it went. Apparently, it was from "your cellphone, your wallet and your bag that you left at the Chamber office".

Happy birthday, Mina. Turns out that was the very reason for everything. No wonder she was carrying around, before the class, boxes of Cello's and Go Nuts. There's a birthday party - there's a birthday party? I couldn't, though. Haha.

I did this stupid decision Sunday night when I emailed Kat the photos for our Filipino 1 video. But, as with Jaja two terms before, I haven't attached the photos. Ouch.

We finally got over the Filipino 1 long quiz, which didn't amount to much if you're talking about familiarization. It was all applicaton, with a newspaper clipping complete with a mobile service provider advertisement. Although we didn't finish as quickly as you may have thought, it did take my head for a spin.

And then I'm here again, having Jino and Ale visit me from this seat to get (and return) my Sociology book.

So nothing much, really. It seems our classroom days have begun to sink to routinary movements, with nothing much to spark our lives up. Or maybe it's because it's Valentine's Day in around a week, and it seems nothing much could happen until that time. Just when we're getting tired of endless Sam Milby repetition (or maybe only I do), an overuse of red tones and a million Valentine's concerts, we still find a way to, uhh, "celebrate" what could've otherwise been an ordinary day.

Like what the Chamber Ensemble did, it was all slated for the fourteenth, still.

If anyone is interested in seeing what we did last Sunday, which caused me, Kat and Tyne to (literally) have itchy feet, you can check out Kat's Multiply site. Ayan, libreng plugging yan. But for those who couldn't wait...

That's Miko playing dead, complete with ketchup on the stone Jason used to kill him. And that's Ale crying, although she just couldn't bring out the tears and instead used the water I brought in. And that's me on the camera, figuring out stuff. And that's a changed script we're working on.

Oo na, tama na si Ale. Mukha na akong matronang bakla. I'm probably such a hopeless case.

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