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Whew. Glad that was over - what some DLSU students called the biggest holiday in the university calendar. Freaking Valentine's day.

I guess all the hype I had about it - or the lack of it - wore off by last night. I was talking to Eena through the phone - we are partners in our Literature 1 recitation tomorrow, on Nick Joaquin's Summer Solstice - and we ended up chatting about Valentine's plans and excessive cross-references with Dead Stars plots and characters. So there I was, hyping up a made-up possibility of me "asking her out" (of course, I made it all up) and then one of her lines striked me, not because I felt bad for myself, but because it proved something.

"...that's nice, but this Julia has found her Alfredo."

We really have to move on stories. We haven't discussed The Sky Over Dimas yet.

Before I slept last night, still working on our midterm report, I was trying to call Tyne up without realizing she was already fast asleep. Jason stayed behind the Taft area and was there until around 02.00 (seriously) trying to add subtitles to a video that decided to lose all dialogue. So, you could imagine my emotions when Jason came up to the front of the classroom and decided to make an excuse for adding subtitles. Apparently, to make things a bit different, and so he was asking "sino sa inyo bumibili ng pirated DVD?" to the class.

Back to this morning, and I was still calling Tyne up, and she was still asleep. Jason was charging us money for the rush editing, and I was still working on the written report and the evaluation that goes with it. And I had a mood for the day: I won't celebrate Valentine's day today, since it doesn't apply. And no, there wasn't any hangover of the previous post, although surprisingly I'm receiving accolades for it. Four people greeted me; the two through text, I didn't reply, whole the two in person, I sent out a huge denial.

"I don't celebrate Valentine's day." That sounded rude, but I wasn't holding back, probably.

The stress management video we watched for Biology class was, well, removing our stress. It was ridiculously funny, with progressive muscle relaxation being done, and the demonstrators looking freakishly weird. After that I was back, rushing late minute additions to our slide show and getting it burned in forty minutes.

Before that class, though, I have already met Tyne and Kat (and I even called her up as we walked on opposite corridor down Miguel's third floor) and was chatting with them about our film uncertainties and our (solo-inspired) evaluation, and then, out of all things, surprisingly - Kizia and Ariane passed by. Wala lang, kaway lang.

Come 13.00, and finally our report is underway (but not without everyone in class asking me about the report due to a pre-report quiz), with the video explanation, us getting awkward over what we're seeing, and me getting awkward over what to say. The report did go well - we survived watching the video, but ten minutes of footage, including almost every shot from Manila Bay, was cut due to technical problems - and I thought people got my point (but some slept their way through). Chalk up another result for our group.

Then, Psychology class, and then there was this girl - or there were these guys pushing the girl - who apparently had a crush on me. I don't get it either - her friends were just calling me as I joined Mina, Ina and Kim for another video project. (I didn't join Les because I thought she wouldn't appreciatre me bringing in Jom unintendedly.) So after class - (no?) thanks to Jom - the guys got her my name, and attempted to get her my number. Nagkausap naman kami - her name's Christine Suntay - that's a special mention, if it's ever true - and she begged off from getting my number. In my case, I was riding through, complete with disbelief, of course. And then Jom was teasing me in some sort.

And I still don't believe it. Well, she's pretty and all that, but apparently I haven't noticed her until now.

So now I'm chatting with Huey, and he's the first person I greeted about what everybody called single-awareness day. I didn't try to greet anyone - not Melizza (who was with Jason), not Ale, not even Kizia - and decided to move along with the day, maybe do some stuff here and there. I thought it would be a normal day. Turns out it was going to be far from one. And still, though, after the comments, the many flowers (and other signs of affection) and the absences, it was, well, just another ordinary day.

Well, maybe not quite ordinary. I got five hundred bucks and nothing could stop me now.

And your responses...

"sino sa inyo bumibili ng pirated DVD?" to the class.

Who raised their hands? Hahahah!

Video editing is too expensive. Argh. Tapos ito pang project natin un GENPSYC requires videos. Haaaaaar.

Hmm.. Let me see on Thursday who this C.S. is. Hahaha. Promise I won't tease you! ;)

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