Tickled pink over politics and cream

It's the third day of my unintendedly long vacation. After reading up on those EDSA 1 stories, getting a sense of being intimidated at the emptiness of Greenbelt 3's first floor corridor, and getting surprised at the reactions I've received on my last entry, it's time again to get reused to going to school six times a week - but at least it's another soft ease-in, since we haven't got CWTS tutorials next week as well, which means I'll be left with more thoughts than usual.

I was trying to look for a new splash photo last night (and, admittedly, early this morning) and, as much as I hate to say it, I was having a hard time. I had this concept I was willing to pull off on my blockmates if Saturday's classes pushed through, but now I'm left with only three days in February and I decided to rush another photo from previous CWTS sessions. I was choosing between many photos, and then I came across another one of those intended photos (as opposed to candid photos), but then, again, I don't want anybody staring at me, like what we're currently in right now.

I told myself time and again, once the government begins to touch the media, it gains a skeptic - and it has. Given that past lessons and experiences have taught me that the Daily Tribune and Abante are pro-opposition, but that doesn't really give a government license to take their operations over, right? It was a surprise that police would begin their work just as (I think) the government is promising due process. But, aside from the sometimes unnecessary references to declaration 1081 back in 1972 (wait, doesn't 1081 sound like 1017?), especially when it came to the "questioning" (or "arrest") of certain opposition personalities, there has somehow been a little more calm during the weekend as opposed to Friday. We went to Greenbelt yesterday without fearing that another rally would happen.

Today, though, it's me again blogging from my grandmother's home again - yes, the same house where the prospect of a sleepover has been opened - and I find myself with too many thought bubbles. But, along with the rest I finally got to receive, I forgot most of them. Huey was right - and I'm sorry if I'm making a joke out of his statement - but a coup d'etat isn't always bad; because of those soldiers I got to catch up with Mr. Sandman. Now I feel more refreshed, but more frantic as well, upon remembering two requirements for Sociology class.

But, sometimes, a vacation is all that we need.

Looking for a new splash photo to replace that one with Jino and Ale, I was thinking whether I really intended to mess a few things up with my actions. You know, those many snap decisions I end up doing in my recent school sojourns. Not that I'm regretting things again, but somehow, and as usual, idle time leaves me with space to think, and think deeply. Obviously Friday's post wasn't any close to that, and upon reading it again it was full of snap decisions (I think I mentioned that phrase on the same post as well) that might as well leave me with a lack of political control. But, again, who cares?

Many media personalities today are worrying over what could possibly be a reprisal of an unwanted tradition of supression and repression, nobody realizes that we are facing that situation in a smaller scale, with people folding up just to make things a bit easier on themselves. And, for those people who decide to speak up, regardless of public opinion - yes, it is a brave thing to do. So what if we express our feelings? It might as well be a case of wrong timing, but nobody could possibly contend with it.

I remember finally getting to talk to Kizia and Jana last Wednesday, as I waited for Litekal to begin. I somehow ended up blurting out six words to Kizia - again, another one of those snap decisions, but one that I barely regretted.

I turned to her after talking to Jana. "Alam mo," I said - and I wasn't checking myself this time - "miss na rin kita." Then I smirked at myself in disbelief. I did it? I thought. But maybe that was one thing I long wanted to say.

In the way Malia could've said it, she replied, "chosko."

And, admittedly, I found myself shutting up. I thought it was either disbelief, shock, or much worse, disgust.

I just remembered, Katia's thesis defense is still set on a Wednesday. I guess I still have to wait for her opinions to the very questions I kept on raising recently.

And your responses...

So I'm what, like, Joe D'Mango right now? Haha.. Fun. Well it's disappointing that my defense was moved. And with the suspension of classes [again], I believe finals would be moved til next week. Hay naku.

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