Back to silence

It's been a really long day, and thus I got home at around a quarter before nine. Think about it. Shooting, getting hit in the head thrice throughout (thanks to Jason), and getting hit by some falling pieces of wood. Classes, rudely interupted by a beeping mobile that sent Miss Calleja to something short of a walkout, five minute before we would be officially dismissed. And, as always, walking around endlessly to get stuff done, even if it doesn't seem to work.

Looks like that spurt of energy and vitality in the past few days have gone to a screeching halt. That, despite the announcements of me getting really, really stressed, although Ina and Kim (another one of the Kims I know) said I don't really look like it. But I'm really close to going kerplunk! one of these days.

It's just like this. I could go on and make a big deal out of this, but after days of weirdness and further weirdness, it's back to errie silence. But at least I've proven something important to myself today. Finally, I can sleep tight. I'm starting to move on. Or maybe that's another premature announcement. but the heck - all it probably took was a couple of risks left and right.

On other matters, one thing I found surprisingly funny was the fact that Martin and Marcia still had to wonder whether I saw their photos from Tuesday night (you know, when the camera got on lease). But of course, I told them - I have to transfer the photos! What else should I do?

I went home with Marcia on a shuttle van rather than a bus. I think me and Jana had to convince her that stargazing wouldn't do any wonders - like she couldn't gaze up the indigo night sky in her home. She really wanted to stay behind, but somehow I stuck with her, rode the same vehicle and talked about missed classes and political repression.

And then I was going nuts silently, because I was starting to fall asleep but my eyes were still wide open.

And why the silence?

Maybe that's the only option available to me right now. Back to snubbery - or insignificance.

And your responses...

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