Batteries down

I didn't notice it until Lei realized I wasn't myself today. Somehow I was quiet, inactive - in other words, sleepy. Nothing was bothering me, though. In simple words, my eyes were dropping, my senses were failing, and my body has begun to degenerate. What could I do, however? Aside from Philosophy 2 class, which meant this discussion targeting my atheist classmate, everything was a bit of a bore.

If you're good at visualizing, imagine me stretching here.

I've been lugging Jason's camera and tripod for the entire day today, and when I finally got someone to interview (Ariane, in this case) I didn't realize I was out of the campus and was asked for the entry slip. So, cut interview, thank you very much. I got Marcia, though, and then I realized I have to conserve the batteries for an interview later today.

So my back actually hurts right now. I just want to stay and sleep, but turns out I couldn't do much. It's just now when I realize that things are picking up and starting to torture us really badly. Besides, it's the last two weeks before the finals, and I am still not used to it.

I could just drop in the middle of the road in exhaustion, I guess. My batteries are down, like that of my camera's that Kizia just returned earlier than expected.

Which reminds me, I still gotta go buy myself a blank CD.

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