Brain freeze

So again, remember your candidates. Remember the platforms, the stances and the charisma thrown around. It's all over - and it's all elaborated on http://campaigns06.shale.i.ph. Of course, you should check this out if you wanna know why I think Santugon had control of yesterday's debate.

Anyway, nothing much happened today, admittedly - aside from, probably, seeing Malia sing songs she just made off her head, seeing Lau fly in Cuyeg's arms, and hugging Jaja and her fellow candidates for a reason I actually forgot.

I finally got a mobile phone - that phone with a flashlight. I was texting people up last night, especially when Clarence unintendedly when she felt the need to mention that Kizia was online at the same time I was going home. So, I gave her my own brand of negative punishment (and I got mine from both of us as well). Although I'm still wishing this is just a temporary phone - or they'll force me to save up for a new one - at least I'm content rather than nothing at all.

Then seeing Jill pose like that at the amphitheater. I guess I haven't got much to say now, after exhausting all my thoughts on writing two entries for Shale Campaigns.

After all, I can say I've met a lot more friends during the past week, especially when the campaigns are to blame. At least close na kami ni Sars. (Uhh, what?) Right now I kept on bumping with Nadia, which was weird thinking that she was perceived as the shy one, suddenly running. Of course, there are the other candidates (Jaja from Tapat, my Psychology classmate), and my classmates from the other classes whom I've engaged political chats with. Most of them remain nameless, however.

Then Tini sending me a note in Psychology class, which somehow meant me getting a bit distracted, then not minding it. Mukhang may crush talaga siya sa akin, ah.

Okay, so I haven't got much to say, then. One last thing before I go.

That last thing, I actually forgot. Gah.

And your responses...

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