Deep wishes or excess energy?

As much as possible, I'd be more than happy to say it's all over. The world knows, however, that the plot twists are still to be unleashed.

Nothing's happened - yet.

I sneaked out my SIM card - to be active anytime by next week, hopefully - and texted to Eena, intially, in panic: I left four of my five notebooks in L333, after getting too eager to watch the miting de avance at yesterday's U-Break. Then, upon remembering floating promises, I texted Clarence. What was intended as a joke became, out of all things, another serious conversation. This time, however, I'll pull all the stops in advance. Don't try to figure out what we talked about, then.

Suffice it to say, though, that I thought I made Clarence cry (seriously), because she just didn't answer. Then, I took out my SIM card and called it a night.

She told me something. I talked about my (still vividly remembered) dream Monday night, and she, probably busy or something, sent me another short reply. "A dream is a wish your heart makes," she said, and then I proceeded to defer the topic yet again. I ended up staying there, however, and then I just began to linger until she decided not to reply. I took out my SIM card and called it a night. I called her thrice, though, but she didn't answer. Figured out she's probably busy, or maybe, my hunch is correct, and she's crying. Concerned yet again, but I decided to stop.

I got my notebooks after waiting at around 11.00, in front of L333. Biology lab class dismissed two hours earlier than expected, after I trotted in late (for the first time) only to realize classes were moved to twenty minutes ahead of the original start time. Me, MC and Joy - we were playing with dolls and trying to perform CPR on them. Then I was alone again, surfing the net, waiting for my turn to grab the notebooks I badly need. Thankfully CBE sophomores are good enough to keep them, but I figured somehow, hey, that was a rude thought, they're sophomores in the first place, so never mind that, thought scrapped.

Nothing much really happened. Campaign-wise, there wasn't anything much except for Jaja finally sending out the SPOAs I've long wished for. I was at the fourth floor again, waiting for the doors of M406 to open despite its being open already. Ale returned my Sociology book, and I found myself sniffing it after she apologized to me yesterday for her keeping it in an apparently smelly bag. (Kilometric sentence, I know.) AK came in late still, forgetting where we were supposed to be. And we were laughing (positively, for it was funny) at a group of CSB students' project, dubbing a scene from a banned American movie on child abuse, flipping it to one on fussiness over the use of laundry detergents.

Then, at Psychology class, Jom got jamemd by Les - he made a comment, as she was reciting, and then she said "shut up, Jom" before proceeding with her answer. And Tini's friends were there again, attempting to invite me to a birthday party - it's her birthday, but it's set against my enrollment slot (if I don't decide to enroll quickly at the half-hour before PE class), so I ended up refusing the invitation and giving her my greetings instead. And then, I found myself grabbing her, like what I usually do - and I left with a short blush and a lot of shock.

Never an escape hatch, never an escape hatch.

I posted a couple of comments on Ariane's blog, only to pull them out a couple of minutes later. I thought what I wrote there was too impulsive to not cause another deathmatch, so never mind that, thought scrapped, again. But, to be straight about it? I think I'm slowly growing indifferent, somehow. Or is it just me?

I figured I wouldn't take the gamble instead. It isn't too risky on one side, but it's all the risk on another. Rejection comes into the picture yet again.

But, as they say, the biggest risk you take is not taking the risk at all.

And your responses...

niko,,nadinternet kasi ako nun kaya i decided to leave my fone.. baka manakawan pa ako. haha..tuloy natin minsan ang dramahan! haha..

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