Eighteen till the twenty-first

Sorry, but I was too busy setting up Shale, which already has visitors from as far as, well, the United States. Maybe next time.

CWTS class did push through today. Thankfully we knew it on time, and we had transportation (since I told COSCA about our initial confusion on the day I was supposed to ask for vehicles), or else we would have done carpools - or public transportation. So, on a day where jokes that involved wordplay (from Sir Marollano, "what's the difference between opinion and conclusion?") and six girls skipping PE class for, err, biological reasons, I was rushing details in and details out. And that, without a mobile phone to work with me.

We were just thirteen people on the jeeps today, with most of the BonoSoc out for a Sociology field trip, and the others - Kizia, Jana and Mary - coming in two hours earlier than we did to fill up on their missing hours. After the usual tutorials - which means Derek having kids hang from his body, us passing on an endless stream of pink slips, and chairs being crossed from the community to the adjacent health center (which means us crossing a really busy P. Tuazon) - we found ourselves with nothing to do. Some of us were staying for six hours - those who needed to make-up, for example, plus some who want more hours than they really need, like me and Jackie - and we were destined to the library. Well, all we did was sit there and pretend to work. All of us, regardless of duration of stay, were extraordinarily sleepy, like our bodies were sapped of all powers last night. (But last week, obviously, we were working hard.) Not everyone was talking as we went home (or was it the party animals missing in action?) and then, we were really close to sleeping. Jackie even ended up walking past the V. Mapa train station, but I guess that isn't really the reason.

Whew, that was a long paragraph.

In the middle of speculation as to whether Mary is indeed the seventh party animal, and me and Ian joking about people coughing in the middle of their field trips - it isn't a joke? - there wasn't much for me to worry about, probably. Not before, of course, another Freudian slip directed to Lau, on the same old issues - which I immediately shrugged off, because, well, nothing really happened today. I wasn't freaking out any bit, or it's that I got used to all of the madness again? Because I found myself talking to Biology classmates Charmaine and Kim about it last Thursday?

I'm so sleepy, I'm losing any sense to what I'm saying, again. Maybe I should go home.

So what was the answer to Sir Marollano's joke?

"Kung opinion, makakapasok ka. Conclusion, hindi ka makakapasok."

That's some points for our local humor documentary. I can imagine my teacher wipe his face afterwards, like what he usually does when he makes a refernece to his appearance. Meanwhile, I'll probably stay stuck on a beach, getting a tan - but that's impossible.

What have I just blurted out?

And your responses...

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