Imagine seeing that every single day

I'm happy because, after all the fuss, I got a 4.0 in our Filipino 1 oral examinations. Or maybe it's because I threw a lucky ball down the lucky superhero-inspired dartboard (or ballboard, since I did throw velcro-wrapped balls). And then, before that, there was this surprise quiz in Biology class - a surprise not because it was unannounced, but because it was only five items long. We found ourselves asking Sir Alfonso what the passing grade was.

That was some consolation for watching two videos of scientists tinkering with a dead, dissected cadaver, showing where your arteries and veins are. And I can remember Meia react in some way I couldn't describe, but that doesn't mean she's exactly grossed out (did I spell that right?).

I finally got to see Jaja campaign, along with other Santugon batch candidates Sars, Nadia and Y2K - twice, once in the class preceeding our Biology class, where I got invited to watch because I was dead curious, and another during Psychology class, where they finally got the whole gig right after the appearance of their college assembly president candidate, Agnes de Castro. And, take note, I was wearing red today.

It's funny to think that Tapat has a candidate from my Psychology class, also named Jaja. Thus, I got three copies of their candidate list for the CLA, one of which came from Jason. And then, after I saw the second white-laced pitch of the day, Miss Calleja pointed out the very fact that they had to mention, loudly, every name, every now and then (imagine the five girls in clenched fists: "Samaniego! Santos! Ong! Villanueva! de Castro - de Castro!") and... shouldn't I be writing this here?

But, at least, I got enough sleep last night, after I slept at 01.30 last Monday, waking up four hours later. That explains why I wasn't any hyperactive yesterday. Or was I? Probably after getting to talk with a lot more people - candidates, COs, classmates - whatever, plus Les sticking a Santugon sticker in my notebook - I guess I was still the same, after all. From where else would I have thoughts of "I've got a model for a classmate"? (Twice, I guess.)

Look, my thoughts still continue to drift, because I had another rude awakening today. Whatever that means.

Should I still look for that smile?

And your responses...

ang saya saya nilang panuorin noh? kahit hindi mo naiintindihan yung mga sinasabi nila parang ang saya sayang panuorin kasi kala mo ginagawa nila ang GREATEST PERFORMANCE OF THEIR LIVES. nakakatuwa. nakakainis.

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