It's just going to begin

Okay. So I couldn't learn the backstroke, nor the breaststroke, and then we're starting on the butterfly next week. And then there's a lot more things to do, like bring a barong tagalog every single day for next week, just to be prepared for shooting. Also, giving testimonials to people (just because I got over giving Jan one), and buying more stuff that I really have to buy. At least I can skip the PNPRS lecture tomorrow.

I think I mentioned somewhere that people are slowly getting tired - oh yeah, Shale Campaigns - because, probably, of the things we're currently doing. It's becoming too much, like every last few weeks of the term. And, as Derek said, our biological clocks are setting to summer mode. Personally, I'm growing sleepier and sleepier by the minute, but sadly, there's still more to do. Much more to do. For the next few years, much more. Imagine reading books on a different subject on another subject, one that you'd initially find alien to the entire thing - think of Eena reading a book on French governments in Literature 1 class. (But you've been doing it all along, I guess?)

Okay, stop reiterating.

So, after all of this, and too much excitement for things that wouldn't amount to anything much anyway - whatever that means - I'll probably go home, pray that election results would be released tomorrow (since the sophomores aren't voting much, apparently), and get ready for going to school on a Saturday, in the afternoon, one last time for the year. It's sad (or comforting, whichever way) to think that one year in college is almost over, and then we're back to getting used to things, after a month or so.

And please, please, anybody, show The Chaser's War On Everything on the television. However, it's Australian, and probably even ABC Asia Pacific wouldn't...

...as usual, for the same reasons, the same things like last time.

And your responses...

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