Let your cellphone shine

The closing track from Sandwich's new album, Five on the Floor, is apparently inspired, according to my sister, from a scene at the concert in their school, when the audience decided to use their mobiles as glowsticks, and vocalist Raimund Marasigan promising to write a song about it.

I got robbed of my cellphone last night.

There were signs, weirdly. Ariane and Marcia were hinting that they were already home. The days before it seemed I was tinkering with my unit so much I was getting irritated at not getting inconsistent results. And then, I wasn't panicking last night - I had my own cheerleaders for company. Everyone else in the bus, they were sympathizing with me, telling me stories that would've otherwise made me feel a lot more guilty. And, although my mom wasn't quite hysterical, she still succeeded in doing what she does best: make me guilty. But at least I can still retain my present (if you should call it that) cellphone number, since I'm on a plan.

So, because of that, I never got to text Clarence, just when she had unlimited text on.

Apparently I'm not alone: Kevin just had his snatched last Thursday, so I'm with company.

I could go on talking about deeper things, like children, ethics and moral preferences, but it seems seeing Huey and Ale in business attire, floating since their English 3 class didn't push through today, distracted me a bit. As Ale would've naturally said, "can't move on" - and could I?

Apparently I can still live without my mobile phone. However, I've got to do that through a documentary on local humor, a survey on youth beliefs, and a fundraising drive. (Isn't it, Ariane and Clarence?)

Well, that hurts a bit.

And your responses...

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